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Friday December 12th



I wonder how many of you will actually get what you really want for Christmas from friends and relatives. How many pairs of socks and hankie sets we all end up with. I have never actually met anyone who has asked for a pair of socks for Christmas. I have nipped in to David Collisters off licence in Castletown and told him not to serve anyone with cheap brandy if they come into his shop trying to buy me a Christmas present. I have told David, if they are not buying a bottle of Cognac then tell them not to bother, go buy something else such as a pair of socks or a hankie from Audrey down the road.


We have just tucked into a load of Aussie biscuits and sweets thanks to the parcel that arrived yesterday from Adelaide. Thank you Janine, I know I can’t email at present as you are on passage to Tasmania but I will as soon as you return to Adelaide.


Well poor old Woollies is closing down after 99 years. At one time they had a rule that nothing in any of their branches cost more than sixpence. Today they seem to have made a rule that nothing in their shops cost under a tenner.


I haven’t heard Father Christmas come round Castletown for a couple of years now. Arthur Vanwell used to come round in a sort of boat thing tossing oranges to us kids as he went on his way. We used to catch them and chuck them back. Probably those health and safety fruitcakes have been up to their old tricks again and put a stop to him. Santa never actually came or had a grotto in any of the Castletown shops. Well the only toy shop was Peggy Waterson’s on Bank hill, now knows as Peggy’s hill. There would not have been any room for him in there as every spare inch was taken up with stock, and even if he had managed to squeeze in there somewhere, she would have sold him within in first hour of trading.


That’s it for today folks. I’m now going to take Skipper on a solo walk of the park whilst it is quiet.


This is Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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