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Thursday December 18th



I am not long back from the hospital. My news was not good I’m afraid. The doctor thinks cancer enjoyed my company so much last time that it has come back for another visit. I have to have a scan as soon as possible, then probably more chemo. After that, its anyone’s guess. Yes I am a bit down in the dumps today, but that will not last. I just need a day or so to sort my mind out, and try and come to terms with this damn cancer lark. As the days go by I will continue to blog when I feel up for it. I know the way I feel today is only a temporary state of mind. Tomorrow I will be stronger and as the day go by I will be stronger still. Yes, I was doing so well as they say. But you simply can’t take anything for granted in life can you? The past is gone and tomorrow is full of the unknown. I can only deal with today.


Bye bye for now people, from the banks of the Silverburn river.


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