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Friday December 19th



I want to begin today by thanking all of you wonderful people around the world that have emailed me and sent text messages. They are a great comfort to me. I started this blog last February, since then over 20,000 people have logged on. Well in theory that could mean one person has logged on 20,000 times, or 20,000 people have logged on once. In that time we have shared the good and the bad times together. You have all been absolutely fantastic. The blog has really served me well through the difficult times early last year. I did say that I would end the blog this February to concentrate on my book. Well in truth I have now almost finished writing the book. I just couldn’t wait to start it, and once I got going it wasn’t too difficult to blog, write for Manx Tails and write the book at the same time. Assuming I would finish with the blog in February was rather arrogant on my part. I was assuming I would remain cancer free. It just goes to show how important it is to not only deal with the present, but also to make the best of it. Nothing else is certain. Well folks I will call it a day now. I don’t want to depress you all, especially at Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and I will talk to you again soon.


So, from the banks of the Silverburn River, have a wonderful Christmas. Tom

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Hey Tom

Been meaning to tell you this for a while - seems now is a good time to cheer you up.

A blast from the past - circa 1984, Colby 14 to 16's team dressing room - a bright sunny, sunday afternoon.

We walk in to the changing room and the usual smell of liniment, sweat & damp hits us from Colby 1st team who played the previous day, Ecky Costain, Jerry Mckenna, Andy Tinnion & the senior boys. I Look around for the usual wrecked senior team cast off kit we always wear, to get changed into.

Put kit bag down on the rickety wooden bench thats been there since 1920, then take a look up on the wall pegs and see a gleaming new kit hanging there for us. Its the most beautiful kit ive ever seen - white silky tops with blue collar & cuffs and the smell of new thick plastic numbering on the back, 3D style! Then shiny thick nylon black shorts with velvety blue numbers on the leg - numbers on the bloody shorts! just like celtic - amazing - and to round off, virgin white socks.


Our manager Charlie Quirk then tells us that Tom Glassey has done a sponsored walk to buy a new kit for us & we should all thank him - Tom Glassey ? Who is Tom Glassey all us kids are thinking - then you walk in....with a guide dog.....what the ?

Then it hits me - this guy has done a sponsored walk for us - yeh for us - he dosnt know us - and hes blind.

As you can tell Ive never forgot that day mate - Tom you have touched many peoples hearts recently with your humbleness & sooperb humour - but i just wanted to say you have been an inspiration to people for many years.

By the way - am 38 now & still getting the odd game for Peel combi - but i swear that colby kit was the best kit I ever wore - felt like a million dollars....(though you'll be pleased to note your home team Castletown pipped us to the league that year - but we won the cup for you).

Thanks again Tom, Best Wishes for Christmas & if anybody deserves a speedy recovery for the New Year its you.

Carl Roberts

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