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Well, this is my 1st blog and unfortunately it isn't that upbeat. Tom has told me to leave it for now in case I show my anxiety and frustration too much, but I'm sure there are a few people waiting to know how we got on with the oncologist this morning.

We set off for Douglas and got as far as Ballasalla when Tom received a phone call telling him his appointment was cancelled. The Flybe plane that brings in the oncologist once a week was cancelled and so was Toms appointment. We turned the car round with that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs. This was Toms worry since we had been given this appointment before Christmas. All week I had watched the forecast and was confident that nothing could go wrong to stop the plane!

Once we arrived home in silence, I couldn't just sit and wait. It isn't my nature and I felt I had to give Tom some hope and try and lift his spirits. I checked the airport site to see what planes where going out today and found the next one to Liverpool was this evening. Then I saw one to Chester at 10.30. I felt I had time to try and swing it so Tom could go across at our own expense and see the oncologist over there. I phoned the oncologists secretary and she informed me that he was coming over on the 12.20 flight but would be so behind, he would only be able to see a few people. I explained how desperate we were and I told her we didn't live far from the airport and the oncologist was only wanting to talk to Tom and see if he was fit enough for more chemo. I said we could even meet him at the airport and buy him a cup of tea whilst he chatted for a few minutes with Tom. She said "Awwhhh!" in a 'aren't you cute' way. I told her thats how desperate we are. She said she would get his file out and see what she could do.

We are now playing a very nervous waiting game to see if we can be seen so that Tom can start chemotherapy as soon as possible. It is so difficult to know what to do.

Since I started this blog, Toms friend has phoned the oncologists secretary and she has just phoned Tom. This is the latest in the flight saga.

The oncologist went to Manchester to catch a flight to the Isle of Man, but that has also been cancelled by Flybe! IF and that appears to be a big IF, the next flight takes off from Manchester, the oncologist will try and fit Tom in at 4.20 p.m. with no promises, otherwise he will have to wait for another week. All flights from Liverpool have apparently been cancelled for the day.

Anyway, thats the score at the moment. I will keep you informed of developments. I now have to watch the arrivals from Manchester to see if we have a chance, but I shall go and make us both a cuppa and try to reduce my stress levels.


11 a.m. Update

I checked the departures on the airport site and saw that all planes were delayed. Tom put the 11 oclock Manx Radio news on and listened to the headlines of how a plane carrying 20 passengers had gone off the the runway. All the passengers are fine thank goodness and there is now an attempt to move the plane. With this in mind and all the planes backed up waiting to depart, we are reconciled to having to wait another week. Reconciled, but not happy obviously. We just have to pray that next Thursdays flight arrives or there will be a lot of desperate people on the Island, waiting to see a cancer specialist with time ticking away.


14.30 Update

Tom has checked with the hospital to check if the oncologist has arrived. He arrived at Ronaldsway at 13.15 and is at the hospital. We have hope again although slim. We will still go to the hospital in the hope that we can be fitted in at the end. Another update will follow later.


18.30 Update

Well Tom was seen by the oncologist who said he wanted to see us and thats why he asked his secretary to put us at the end. He is also staying the night on the Island which he doesn't normally do as he will miss the plane anyway after writing up notes.

Tom starts chemotherapy again on Wednesday afternoon if all his blood tests come back OK and he doesn't catch a bug in the meantime. He explained that the radiotherapy didn't work, but if he has as good a response to the chemotherapy this time as he did last, we will do well. There will be a CT Scan half way through to see if it is working and then a decision will be made whether to continue.

I have to go and prepare some tea for Tom now, so I will leave it for now. Its been a long day!


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Thats good news for you both, i have been on pins all day wondering what the outcome would be!!!! We all send our best wishes & love to you, Polly XXXXXXXX

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Guest may.bullough@talk21.com


Hi Barbara and Tom, Hope things have calmed down a bit for you both now. What a day you must have had i't sounds incredable dosen't it.You must be shattered after doing all that running around. I'm glad Tom got to see the Oncologist and hope he's fit for the treatment. Good Luck. Best regards May.

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You're the Best First Mate that Captain Glassey could ever hope for! It's always darkest before the dawn, here comes a new day and we're all still on board and the waters are about to smooth out, let's sail!! XXXX Love, C and B

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