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Humour Lifts The Moment



Well its a new day and we're both feeling better than this time yesterday. We had our usual middle of the night cuppa and then I went back to sleep. That is the bit that Tom doesn't manage. He has some discomfort that stops him staying in one position for too long.

Yesterday alittle gadget arrived that I ordered for Tom last week. It is the visually impaired version of an ipod I suppose. It plays mps's, talking books, podcasts, records and can also have an addon to make labels that can be read out loud by the gadget. It uses Daisy player format for the talking books which allows books formatted with Daisy to be navigated and bookmarks set etc. He took this with him yesterday to the hospital and listened to the book "Attention All Shipping". It took his mind off the long wait and he was obviously enjoying it judging by the laughter that came from him occassionally. Others waiting just said they wished they could hear what was amusing him.

On our way into the hospital I particularly noticed that Tom seemed to put his right foot down loudly whilst the left foot was soundless. I pondered it for nano seconds and then knowing how he has always had a problem wearing shoes down, I told him I thought perhaps that maybe his right leg was slightly longer than the left. "What makes you think that?" he asked. "Its the loud dragging when that foot goes down. Like it hits the floor harder and thats all I can think of!"

Tom never answered and I daydreamed my way to Medical Outpatients. We sat for probably 1 1/2 hours waiting for Toms turn. Tom listened to his book and I played Bubble Breaker on my pda. Eventually our turn came and we were asked to sit in the cubicle that has an examintaion bed and 2 chairs facing each other. I directed Tom to one chair and I sat opposite him. The nurse left after telling us the doctor wouldn't be long. Thats when I saw it "Oh no!" I shouted. "What?" said Tom. "You have got 2 odd shoes on. One brown and the other black. Even worse, they're not the same style." We both fell about laughing especially me with my daft 'you've got one leg longer that the other'. The right shoe had a leather bottom and the left was more like rubber. I suggested various things we could do for when the doctor came, all of which Tom dismissed. Anyway, it lightened the moment when the doctor and the nurse did clock the shoes after the difficult results were discussed and the option available. At least Tom was his calm self and not fazed in the slightest. I would have been mortified like I was when I went to the doctors with my jumper inside out and another time when I lay on the examination bed in the doctors due to a stomach problem and the lady doctor pointed out that I had left the massive stickon Marksies label on my new casual bottoms which stated £9.99.

Anyway, Tom is resting and looking forward to starting treatment. I won't be blogging as much as Tom but I will keep you informed of his progress, health and whatever else may be of interest.

Below I took a sneaky photo of the said shoes as we waited. I thought you may like to see for yourselves. Tom doesn't mind and has given his kind permission. :)


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What about the time Tom wore YOUR nightshirt to the hospital, i still have a good titter about that one!!!!! Pauline XXX


I'd forgotten about that. We had to go to ManDoc as Tom had a chest infection and when he took his jumper off for the doctor to listen to his chest, instead of what he thought was one of his tee shirts, he had on one of my nighties complete with little sheep embroidered on the front. The doctor never mentioned it, he probably thought he was a cross dresser.

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Guest Joyce china girl


I feel Tom is starting his own trend with fashion - first the nightshirt now the shoes - what next - good to hear the laughter in your blog after such an ordeal yesterday - keep smiling!!

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Good one Polly, I'd forgotten that. Oh poor Barbara and Tom, now we'll have all their clothing secrets laid out for the world to see! I'll toss in that I went to class last evening and later saw my shirt had a big dirty mark on the front, I'd gone down to feed the cattle before I went, had to cover it with my jumper all evening. God only knows what THAT was! That IS rather a fresh approach to shoe fashion, Tom. One leg longer Babs??? You came up with that after all these years of marriage rather than look down at the shoes??? Titter, titter! Ok, we'll excuse you both due to the stress, but next time the fashion police will have to write you both a ticket for certain! Sheep on the nightie, eh? Hummmm, not that you, Pauline, nor I would ever be caught with parrot poo on our shirts, right? I've been caught many time in the market and someone will say, 'do you know you have something on your shirt?' 'Bird shirt!' I tell them. XXXX

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