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Friday 30th January



Okay folks, I’m back for at least once a week. Barbara has been giving me a severe ear bashing all morning regarding the blog. I have had to agree to write a blog once a week and it will probably be on Fridays. Yes I really do enjoy writing the blog and I have really missed it. But I really did need to get on with other things that I have neglected. The book is now taking shape and hopefully will be out later this year. I have also had to agree to certain changes to my Manxtails articles. There material now will not appear on any blogs as it was starting to cause major confusion.


Now then, can I thank all of you that have emailed believing that I am very sick and the odd one or two that seem to think I’m dead! Yes people, I did get very ill this time round with my chemo, then all of a sudden about three days ago, I started to make a recovery. On Monday I could not walk up the stairs without stopping. I can now run up the stairs. Yes things are looking a lot brighter lately.


It was my poor Uncle Normans funeral yesterday. I wrote his Eulogy of course but was too ill to read it myself so I handed it over to vicar Roberts at the Abbey church to read on my behalf. There are so many wonderful things I could say about my Uncle Normie, However, I shall leave it to the March edition of Manxtails.


Well we are now deep in to January and February will be with us in a few days. Just a few more gales and maybe the odd storm to get through and it will be spring once again. This has been a very long and difficult winter for me. There have been lots of tears and disappointments. I really do believe now that I have got the fight back in my belly. I just about gave up on everything. I now have the thirst back and I am ready for the battle all over again. I am off now to make a cup of tea and I hope you will all do the same. I will blog again next Friday which is the day after I see the oncologist who will check my progress before chemotherapy the following week.


Until then people I say farewell. This is Tom Glassey blogging once more on the banks of the Silverburn River with a happy wife. J



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