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Friday February 6th



Good morning folks. Well this has not been my best week. I have been so damn tired that I have hardly been able to do anything. Anyway today I am having a good day and soon I will be leaving for Port Erin. It is very cold today and at present the sun is shining however, it is also snowing, which proves our weather is very much like our government and tries to be all things to everyone but really hasn’t a flaming clue what to do next. With Christmas now well and truly astern of us, Easter is lying dead ahead. When I was at school at the convent in Liverpool I used to wonder how Jesus Christ could have possibly died and risen on a different date each year. I didn’t know then and of course the nuns never explained to us that Good Friday was originally a pagan feast day and was always acknowledged on the Friday at the end of the month that was nearest to the next full moon. They kept it to themselves that the Christian church had swiped the pagan feasts of Christmas and Easter because they couldn’t accurately date the birth and death of Christ themselves. Anyway I guess I am already in hot water so we shall steer away from that subject now.


Well old Jeremy Clarkson has been at it once again, and if Clarkson can get away with calling Gordon Brown a one eyed Scottish idiot on the BBC, then I can certainly get away with calling him a brainless English crack pot on my blog. Carol Thatcher gets sacked from her show because off air she said a black tennis player looked like a gollywog. Jonathan Ross and his mate get suspended for insulting someone, yet Clarkson can say whatever he likes and get away with it. I guess it goes to show the BBC doesn’t really have any ethics. It’s all about how much money you are worth to them. If only having one eye makes you an idiot, then Clarkson’s got two which must make him a double idiot. As for me with no eyes at all, well I guess I must be in a league of my own.


Well my friends, that is just about it for this week.


So until we meet again. This is Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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