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Black Swan



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Well I've had a couple of days of absorbing nature and watching the birds busying themselves with spring. Yesterday I walked in the park with Skipper and Suzie and saw my first Treecreeper this year. I have normally seen them nearer to the entance to Poulson Park in the big trees with a seat round, but yesterday my sighting was at the top end all together. The chaffinches were singing their spring song and the place was alive with bird life. The rooks are feeding babies and any bread dropped in their area is rewarded by hearing the babies as they are being fed. Even the little wren is busy flitting here there and everywhere and it are definately not shy. I walked through the field a bit and watched 2 herons flying together and keeping a bit of a close eye on me. As I wended my way home, one heron sat in a tree in the park and the other heron flew on with its mates raucous call being heard for quite a way. The pheasants also called from beyond the field across the river and my every step was monitored by the hooded crows that I drop a little bread too on my walks. I love to watch them eat some and then go and bury some in the feilds. The daffodils are out on the river bank now and spring is definately bursting forth.

Today I had to dash out to the doctors this morning to keep an appointment and then I called at Toms mums along with my own mother and had a cup of tea. When I arrived home it was a little busy with a few callers and I was really late doing my aviary and taking Skipper and Suzie out. I was dashing back from my walk as I had someone coming at 2 p.m. and as I came under the bridge near where I live on the Silverburn, I was met with a glorious sight. I couldn't get the dogs in quick enough and I picked up my camera. The shot is rushed, but what a beautiful bird a black swan is. I don't know where it has come from. All I know is that it was looking for food in the area that I put grain. I didn't disappoint it and put enough to keep her coming back I hope.

Through all the sadness I am feeling at the moment, this was something that excited me. I have never seen a black swan in the island before and this is beautiful. Its a young one I think.

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HI Babs, very interesting you should see a black swan, they are from Australia. Colin was asking, do you think it could have escaped from somewhere? Even come from this side of the Irish sea as they can fly great distances? We have our resident 2 white ones on the Bridgewater canal & I'm sure they must be nest building by now. I have 2 pairs of collared doves come visiting & with one pair I can actually place food on the feeder while they are sat there without them flying off, I am so pleased!!!! We also have a little wren checking one of the trees out in the front garden, I hope they nest there as its right out side our bedroom window & I love to watch them. I love this time of year with all the new growth & flowers bursting through. I'd love to come & see all the yellow gorse on the Isle, I think spring is one of the nicest times of the year there.Thinking of you, love Polly, Colin & mum XXXXXP.S. Our 3 greys are molting like mad at the moment & look quite tatty!!!!

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