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Yesterday I went to Langness for our walk. I had my sister Janet with me and the two dogs. The drive through sleepy Derbyhaven was in itself interesting with cars and a couple of police cars parked along the grass verge that lines the road. I was obviously curious as I drove, but all I could see was a large vessel at anchor towards Douglas bay. It was loaded with the concrete things that are used to shore up coasts etc from the seas. I presumed people were just watching its progress as I decided it was probably going to discharge its load at the new airport runway. As I'm writing this I'm doing so on a wing and a prayer that I get the nautical terminology right. Normally I'd ask Tom what the concrete things are called, but now I will have to fall back on Barbara speak. It drove Tom mad with my wotsits and things. Anyway, after a rather breezy walk at Langness, we were passing through Derbeyhaven again only to see activity on the beach and the large vessel still in the same position. I realise now that the vessel was probably waiting for the tide. The activity on the beach was the rescue of the porpoise. I dutifully parked as my sister requested and she shot off like an on the spot reporter, armed with camera and binoculars. I was happy to let her go on her own as I was going to see the pictures and the rescue was at a vital stage of getting the porpoise into a large blue bag/sling so the people rescuing it could give it a hand back into deeper water. To be honest, it was also warmer in the car as well. I was able to watch it carried and see most of what happened from a distance and it was great to see it swimming on its own going further and further into deeper water and then to safety. Janet was absolutely cockahoop to be in on something like that whilst over here and it will have been one of the highlights of her stay. She's a nature lover like myself.

I personally have been pretty well up and down as is to be expected, but I have to say that I have been having the odd bit of fun with mine and other friends WII. I don't normally do games and such, but the WII isn't half a great thing to have a laugh with. I haven't used it on my own as the fun wouldn't be there with one person, not unless you're trying to practice so you have the upper hand with your other mates when they come to have a go on the wiifit. Whether you are young or old, I can highly recommend it. Even if you're not very agile or fit, it has something for everyone and of course it has everyone laughing. I can highly recommend it and you are welcome to call and have a play and a cuppa if you are passing. :)

Last Friday when I was a little down, I went up the river for a walk. It was an amazing walk and the river was alive with birds. The swifts had arrived and they were swooping through the air getting their quota of protein from the midges. There was goldfinches, blue tits, hooded crows, chaffinches, wrens, thrushes, blackbirds, herons, pheasants and many more. I have heard that the black swan that stayed for a few days was last seen at Scarlett. I didn't think he would be llowed to stay. The swans start nesting under the railway bridge soon and territory is declared and closely guarded. The river can also be a very cruel place at this time of the year. On my way home I disturbed 2 ducks in the park. A male duck was attacking another male and he was injured. If he ventured into the river, he would have been drowned. He couldn't walk very well and all the feathers had been plucked from his back. I managed to catch him and I put him in a secluded part of my hen shed. He was in shock, so I left him quietly for the night. The next day he was still alive and so I got in touch with a lovely lady and her husband from Gansey who are brilliant are looking after injured or orphaned wildlife. They came immediately for the duck and decided he would recover well in time and they would release him when he was ready. I asked about a small duckling they picked up from me a few yers ago that have been in the beak of a heron or seagull. It was questionable at the time whether it would recover, but I was pleased to hear that it did and had the flown the nest some time ago. It is lovely to know people like them who give of their time and turn up in an instant to help a distressed bird. I haven't that expertise and at the moment I haven't the mental strength to do it. I can look after the birds in their own environment, administering medicines in bread etc when they are in need and feeding them. I've rambled enough now. The very birds are I talking about are all waiting for their feed as well as my hens, aviary, dogs and of course, Orry my African Grey.

Love to you all.



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