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Easter And Things



Trying to think up a title for a blog and the opening lines take more time than the actual blog itself. Tom always stuck to the date and advised me to do the same which I may do yet. He also gave me a tip to starting and ending a blog which I haven't managed yet either. He said to start with something topical and in the case it would be something like - "I remember an Easter where I got us both in a very dangerous situation!" Then Tom said that he would then talk about other things as he had gained the reader's attention and they would keep reading as they wanted to know what happened and at the end of the blog he tell the story. Maybe I'll try that today,

Anyway, I have had a nice Easter weekend. My sister was with me until Saturday teatime and then I have been on my own and OK. Whilst Janet has been over, I have taken her on a different walk each day. Last Friday I took her up the Silverburn as far as Ronaldsway. The 1st thing to note is that the cows are back. They stayed across the river and so we were able to avoid contact. The swallows had also arrived and despite the swifts being earlier, the swallows seem to herald the start of spring/summer properly. The blue bells are about to burst into colour, along with the wild garlic. I stopped at the gate near the waterfall and pointed out a herons nest. A parent sat preening and although the young weren't visible, their call could be heard quite clearly. It is like something from a building site in the distance.

On Janet's last day I took her to Scarlett. It was another beautiful day and we walked as far as the fields with the sheep. We saw an early butterfly there and a few bees as well as the birds of course. Again it was another lovely walk and a fitting end to Janet's stay with me. As I left her later at the airport, a lump came into my throat, but I managed to stay dry eyed. As I was leaving the airport I spotted a lone Manx Tails amongst the magazines. I picked it up as I thought it would come in handy to pass onto family, but I looked at "Toms Farwell" before I went through the doors. I read the passage I had written as I couldn't remember what I had done at the time. There I read the optimism I had felt when Tom died that he would be with me on many more walks and in my heart. With that, my spirits lifted and I said "Right Tom, we're on our own again." and I went home to my dogs and Orry.

I went to bed early Saturday night as I had arranged to meet a nurse I had become a friend, at Douglas Head for a sunrise service. I'd never been to one and it sounded great. It also meant a busy day and no time to mope. I set my alarm to 5 a.m and was mortified I'd oversleep. I didn't have Tom to wake me, but I needn't have worried as he has Skipper well trained in that. I arrived at Douglas Head at 6.10 and the cars were right down the road. Ann and I had a good spec for the sunrise and the service. The Salvation Army band accompanied the hymns and it was a beautiful sunrise over the mountains of Cumbria. The service only lasted 1/2 hour and then a great breakfast was served in the Salvation Army hall. It was well worth attending. From there I went to Langness with the dogs and had another beautiful walk with the skylarks rising and falling as they sung. A stonechat sat on a gorse bush and cracked out his call like two pebbles being hit together, hence the name. I arrived home at 9 a.m and fed the ducks, hens etc and uncovered Orry who had slept through it all. Later I picked Toms mum up and we met Toms Brother Lenny, his wife Rosie and nieces Alice and Becky at the Sound for lunch. Needless to say I rested in the afternoon and took the dogs through the fields at the side of the Silverburn in the evening. That was a big mistake! Suzie is a roller and now the cows have arrived, she found plenty to roll in and she made sure it was well and truly finished off by topping off the ooze with a roll in the dust afterwards. My bath looked a disgusting mess after I bathed her and I spent more time trying to make the bath look like something I to would like to get into to!

Yesterday I put my alarm on again as I decided I must get back into early mornings as that's the best time of the day. I'm afraid when it went off, I couldn't stop it soon enough and cuddle back under the covers. Any plans I made yesterday I cancelled and I spent the afternoon dozing. I obviously needed it and felt much better for it. I walked Langness in the morning and kept to my vow not to walk the fields whilst the cows are there and so last night I did the beach. I'd have to say I was perturbed when I saw Suzie rolling in the seaweed, but it was nice and fresh. My calls could be heard all over Derbeyhaven when the dogs came across a dead rabbit near the golf course. I escaped having to bath Suzie again thank goodness. I know it's not good for her coat, but I couldn't live with the smells she covers herself with!

Well. I've waffled long enough and daren't make this blog any longer. I'm going to have to tell the story of Tom and my experience in the next blog. Toms theory worked for him because he was a bloke. It could never work for me. I can hear him now saying "Will you get to the point." :rolleyes:

My sister attempted to get a photo of the dogs and I with Orry. It was a nightmare, but I have added what appears the be the best.

Bye for now.


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Good Morning Babs, what a lovely piccy of you & all the pets. I was awake before 6 this morning but turned over & went back to sleep again for a while. Sounds like you had a nice Easter, we did too & with the weather being beautiful, it made it all that more special. I will post you properly soon, love Pauline xx :flowers:

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Hi Barbara, you and the kids look fab! It's great to see you and them looking so well. Loved the blog, you do a brilliant job, keep up the good work! Bruce says you need to teach Suzie to take a dip in the Silverburn just as you arrive home, bath problem solved... NOT! She's a love can't wait to see more of her. Give Skipper and Orry my love. Ta ta for now, XXXX Cher and Bruce :wub:

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Guest flaz23


God am I glad I only have a cat!


Hi Barbara, you don't know me and I don't know you but I had to reply to someones blog to start my own and yours looked very interesting so I chose yours!

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