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How George Single Handedly Bankrupted Fortes

John Wright


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Just back from Spain


we now have the bolletin and the cedulla, nearly there.


Of course nothing goes smoothly, both the water and electricity have decided I need a new metre and that the electricity will need to be under grounded from the nearest sub station, 100 yards away, for which I will have to pay, water wants to re route the supply so it is in the road rather than under my garden.


We shall see how long that takes.


The place is really super, just one problem we have developed a damp problem in one downstairs corner, so builder now on that.


Trip down was difficult, Paul went on the rampage on the Bay of Biscay ferry drinking all night and refusing to get in the car on arrival. We were supposed to be sharing the driving. So I left him in Santander, he could get the boat home or catch a plane from Santander airport.


Two hours down line he called to say he had lost his wallet, robbed, and was stuck, so round I turned. He was sober by the time I picked him up, but we were 4 hours behind hand. I took him to the airport at his request bought a ticket, and then he refused to get out of the car.


Got to Barcelona arriving 6 hours late


2 nights later he was drunk overnight, with booze smuggled off the ferry, alarmingly I noticed that the psychotic behaviour is developing definite signs of schizoid problems,


Anyway we managed to have the rest of the week drink free and did all of the jobs and then flew home without incident


At Barcelona air side the only cutlery is flimsy plastic so you cannot take on board and attack aircrew and hijack the planes. The food was awful but the cutlery kept on breaking, hence the reference to George


Dad was an avid UK traveller with his motor home in the early days of the motorways, we lived near to the Preston bypass M6 the first bit of motorway to open in 1959. As we travelled thousands of miles we stopped for breakfasts or teas, a sort of special treat. dad was taken aback by the cost of the food, and he used to maintain it included the stainless steel cutlery. To our shame he built up a full collection of knives forks and spoons slowly by sneaking them out.


Forte reacted and withdrew stainless and replaced them with plastic, brought to their financial knees we were both sure, by G


Had the ghost of George been haunting Barcelona airport? A nice thought.


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