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Shit Shit Shit

John Wright


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not very eloquent, I know


I have commented upon my partners drinking and its effects on me and us from time to time


My last visit to Spain was railroaded by a drunken weekend so i went alone, nothing memorable apart from 36 hours storm tossed in the Bay of Biscay and I will post about that another time.


The Farm is finished, I have paid rates and I have a permanent electricity connection. The booking web site is in beta phase and we are nearly all go


The drinking got really out of hand when he started to fall over, down the stairs etc.


On 13 November he had a headache which stopped him moving, put down to drink by us both. Over the week end my attempts to get him to hospital failed, by stubborn refusal. Monday morning I called out the Doctor, I was frightened that light phobia and long standing headache might be meningitis. Within half an hour he was having MRI at Nobles and was flown to Walton with a brain hemorrhage.


Released on 20th he was still not well and I watched with concern as he struggled to get up, eat etc. He seemed to be deteriorating but again refused the Dr. This Wednesday I was so worried I tried to get him to go to hospital, Refusal.


I then discovered one of his mates had smuggled in a case of lager and bottles of wine and he had been drinking and not taking all his pills.


Yesterday we spoke at 07.00 but by 10.30 he was unconscious unwakeable and foaming at mouth. Ambulance called and he was once more in Nobles, another scan, much larger bleed and clot, life threatening, and then in air ambulance to Walton.


A three hour operation early hours today removed that clot, but instead of coming round he has had another bleed and is now on clot three removal


His adoptive mother has taken over as next of kin, I'm out of the loop. His family history is complex so when I have had information I have passed it on to others who care/have links. His adoptive father, who left the family when he was three , had a right to know. Mum in law refused/ His natural mother and brothers and sisters, who he traced and then fell out with over his drinking also should be told.


Dad was easy, sister less so. However i tracked her down only to be told his natural mother had died 4 years ago and they had thought it best not to tell him. Searching down to www.192.com


Life is shit today


I just wanted to get it off my chest


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