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Getting Better

John Wright


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I spent all yesterday with Paul


He has been moved from ITU to a high dependency ward.


He should move on to an ordinary ward Friday or Monday when they stop the blood pressure drugs


He is tired, but cheerful, fully compos mentis, and quickly recovering movement on the left. (he can lift and keep both left arm and leg in air for 30 seconds)


His speech is unaffected.


He is hooked up to all sorts of monitors and on drip lines for drugs and fluids. He is eating normally. His head swelling has gone down although he has a nice zipper line of staples on the right side of his skull. He is on nicotine patches and say he has no desire for ciggies


He now has clothes and his iPod and computer (but not on WiFi in this ward so no e-mails yet)


He is receiving lots of visits from family and friends and would welcome seeing anyone passing by Walton Centre in Fazackerley


I go back Friday for the week end and then I am booked over for the whole of the weekend after that. His brother Sean has been over for a week now, which is much appreciated


Paul has started keeping a memory book so cards and messages will be saved


Walton Centre Lower lane Liverpool L9 7LJ 0151 525 3611


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