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More Health Woes For Paul And Travel Problems For Me

John Wright


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More health worries and silly Spanish stories

Well this is intermittent, but I never meant to make it into a diary. I am surprised at the number who read, especially with my appalling spelling. I promise I do spell check work matters. I just haven’t got an IE spell check configured for the forum posts, that and losing a couple of teeth has given me a slight lisp, which has upset the voice recognition software.

So no I have not applied to be AG or Deemster. Nor do I wish to stand for election in September 2011.

I went off to Spain on my own in August, Paul did not feel like travelling. I was meeting 14 family and friends down there, from 2 to 80. I went down in the motorhome/ferry via Santander from Portsmouth supposedly. Got to check in and found I had the wrong passport so had to get a mate to fly mine down from IOM to Luton, so missed the boat. Eventually went via St Malo the next day. Extra 10 hours driving, but 16 hours less at sea so was not much later arriving, but was much more tired.

Had a great holiday. On way back the internal handle on the one and only door to the motor home went US and I had to lean out of the window and call people over to get them to open it from the outside!

Anyway Paul has been exploring options other than Walton. We have sort of lost confidence.

Yesterday he had a Walton check up, and on the Ben, just arriving at Heysham he collapsed again. Seizure and fitting. The boat crew were great and a retired nurse helped. The ambulance was there within 15 minutes and came on the upper vehicle deck. Paul had started to recover and refused to go to Lancaster and we all agreed I would drive fast, very fast, to Walton and they could scan him and check him over, as well as deal with his follow up consultants appointment . He is back on anti convulsants and has slept almost continuously since, but no new bleeds.

So now Paul has two options for his plate replacement, Walton in 6 weeks time or Kings College Hospital London in 3 weeks. That’s almost a year to the day since the first hemorrhage

I think we are going to London.

Any way the optimist Paul has booked his skiing for 2011 31 January to 14 February, got a helmet and a wifi helmet cam

I just want to see the end of 2010, annus horribilis!

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I hope Paul is grateful for all the support you have given him, lots of partners would of walked away a long time ago, you must love him very much, take care of yourself.

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