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Forum Migration Annoucement

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Hi folks,

This coming Monday, we will migrate the forum service from our current web hosting provider to the Invision Power Services (IPS) hosted community service. We have been using their forum software since the early noughties. This move aims to reduce the service's infrastructure footprint and technical overheads. We also expect an uptick in performance, reliability, and security, with greater protection from bots.

Scheduled downtime:

The migration window is between 00:00 and 12:00 on February 26th. During this time, the forum will be unavailable to ensure no database transactions occur. Please plan your activities accordingly.

Forum content:
All data will be transferred directly to IPS and uploaded to their cloud platform. IPS host their services on Amazon AWS, and we have chosen to keep the data in Europe. For the nerds out there, EU-West-3 region.

Service status:

We will keep you informed of our progress during the migration process. Please check our status page for updates and notifications regarding the migration status. https://manxforums.statuspage.io 


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