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Island Energy

Charles Flynn


This meeting should be excellent in explaining our dependence on fossil fuels and the role of Peak Oil - don't know what this is?

Here is the opportunity to find out about it and the Transition Island project which looks like it is going great guns!


Positie Action Group


ISSUE DATE: 28th March 2008


PAG Public Meeting - Monday 31st March 2008




Isle of Man’s dependency on fossil fuel will be put under the spotlight on Monday 31st March 2008 in a presentation to be given to Positive Action Group (PAG) by former DoLGe Minister, John Rimington.


Almost all our Island’s energy requirement is generated from Oil or Gas. This could leave us extremely vulnerable to any break in the supply of either fuel.


Mr. Rimington has analysed our future energy requirements together with a study of the possible downturn in oil production through depletion of reserves in the near future – the ‘peak oil’ factor.


Importing our energy makes IoM far more vulnerable to international price fluctuations and to unforeseen events in other parts of the world, over which we have no control.


Chair of Positive Action Group, Roger Tomlinson, said:


“If we continue to ignore our vulnerability to this fossil fuel folly, we endanger our future. Mr. Rimington will provide a much needed reality check for us all.


I heard his presentation at the recent Energy Expo. PAG agreed with me that his powerful message should be heard more widely. All members of the public who are interested in learning how to harness use of the Island’s Renewable Energy is welcome to attend the PAG Energy Presentation.


So far our government has done very little to reassure us that it is considering an alternative and diversified energy strategy in order to protect us from reliance on imported or fossil fuels.


This Island has vast natural resources – Tidal, Wave, Wind, Wood and Biomass Fuels that should be harnessed. In the presentation comparison will be made with another smaller Island community that now manages entirely on self-generated renewable energy. It has acquired the name “Energy Island”.


For IoM not to use its own natural resources like Wind for the benefit of the Manx people, is like Venezuela not bothering to extract its country’s Oil resources.


Its time for Manx politicians to move this subject to the top of its Agenda for Change”


The PAG Meeting starts at 7.30 p.m. at the Claremont Hotel, Douglas on Monday 31st March 2008


Admission is free and all are welcome






Media contact: W Roger Tomlinson


Tel: 863106


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