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Internet Medicines

Charles Flynn


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If patients want to purchase medicines over the internet, it is recommended by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society that they only purchase from GB registered pharmacies (not Isle of Man as we have our own register)where they will be dealing with a registered pharmacist.


Patients should look for the Society’s Internet Pharmacy Logo (see

www.internetpharmacylogo.org and check that the site is a GB registered pharmacy).


“Anyone who has concerns about the safety or appropriateness of their medicines should

speak to their community pharmacist for advice”.


Checking a website for the Internet Pharmacy Logo is one of a number of checks a patient

should make before purchasing medicines over the internet. Other things a patient should do


• Locating the name and address of the pharmacy operating the website

• Checking that the pharmacist and pharmacy are registered (to check a pharmacist's

registration, see www.internetpharmacylogo.org

• Avoiding websites that offer to supply prescription-only medicines without a prescription

• Checking that he/she is asked questions before purchasing the medicine (registered

pharmacies are required to check that a medicine is suitable for a patient to use before

selling it)


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