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Flying Jack Russells

John Wright


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Paul continues to make good progress and to stay dry.


What will I have to blog about indeed.


We have builders in at present, I am taking the opportunity of adding bed rooms and bath room so we will end up with 3 receptions including a more defined dining area,a room downstairs which can be used as either a bedroom as we get older or a reception, with a walk in shower added to the cloaks and upstairs a new office for Paul and 4 large doubles all en suite.


Spain is done but the website eludes completion.


Next trip is to Walton to have a plate put into Paul's skull, then I am going to Spain to ensure all in order for season then a week end in UK doing Institute of Advanced Motorists training and test. As well I am aiming to fit in HGV or PSV here. The motorhome is 4,5 tonnes unladen, and I do have 7.5 tonne grandfather rights based on when I passed my test but I can get an insurance discount with the extra qualifications


So down to dogs and their ability to fly


We lost Noodle for half a day last week. She is clever. Knows how to work the rear windows in the disco. We had been to Ramsey for a lunch out and came home via Druidale. Got to Union Mils, only two dogs and one very open window.She had got out just after the Ballaugh end of the Druidale road. Anyway someone picked her up and took her to Ramsey police. We drove from Union Mills all the way to Ballaugh and back at very slow speed stopping and shouting every mile.


She seemed pleased to see us when located but I think the cops in Ramsey were sorry to see her go. Not much work done when an attractive playful puppy is tearing round the ops room playing.


So if you wanted the police in Ramsey on Friday and they were slow answering, now you know why


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