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  1. So what does everyone think of the new Stone Roses track ? Personally, I think it's too rushed, lyrically very poor with an average melody. Was expecting a lot more. Not just a remixed Seahorses B side.
  2. The Gas Man episode of Bottom was on telly last night. Forgot just how ace it was.
  3. Richie: What about pin the tail on the donkey? Eddie: We haven't got a donkey. Richie: Well, pin the tail on the chicken. Eddie: We haven't got a tail. Richie: Oh. Well, pin the sausage on the chicken? Eddie: We haven't got a chicken. Richie: Well, pin the sausage on the fridge. Eddie: Or a pin. Richie: Sellotape a sausage to the fridge! Eddie: We haven't got a sausage! Richie: Put a bit of sellotape on the fridge! Eddie: It's not much of a game, is it?
  4. Yes, good point Ans.
  5. On the topic of the Manx guild on Frostwhisper. I have recently dabbled for a couple of months on a different server (Kilrogg) and have got through some of the solo MOP content. I am now toying with the idea of transferring my Priest who is the guild leader of Manx over and thought I might move the guild at the same time. If anyone who contributed to this thread and is still playing opposed to this let me know. Alternatively if and when I move it you are welcome to start new characters on Kilrogg or transfer existing characters to it. Cheers
  6. Until they make it free to play I won't be back.
  7. THH on Runetotem Slim ?
  8. Gave up a long time ago.
  9. Aye, watched the Machinist when it first came out. Not good for people that suffer with Insomnia
  10. Twonky, not having a go but the post before you say dont watch trailers these days as they spoil the film, and in the very next post you embed a youtube clip of a trailer. A little bit hypocritical no ?
  11. Man , that's expensive. 35 quid, all for the click of a few buttons.
  12. Watched Source Code and Limitless recently. Both enjoyable enough. Thought Source Code was a little better though.
  13. Make me an offer I cant refuse. I really cant see me coming back.
  14. I've decided to quit WoW, I cant see me coming back anytime soon. It's nice to be able to play some other games now
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