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Second Life


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Yeah, I tried it a few months ago.


Its very strange, and I wouldn't class it as a game, its more of a sim. Everything in SL is user-created, right down to the clothes you wear, to actual buildings, vehicles and just about anything you can think of. The graphics are pretty decent, but its really tough on your connection, even on 2mb broadband.


Its like a cross between The Sims and those VR-headset games that we saw on the tv when Virtual Reality first came out. But, unless you're interested in learning how to build things, put designs onto things, or make scripts that make items interactive, there isn't actually a lot to do - you just find yourself wandering around a huge map looking at things.

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I am on there i have a virtual woman in every town my fingers are hurting with all this filthy virtual sex.


And if you must know my job is a milkman delivering dairy products to virtual bored house wives :lol:

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Funny how a scammer resurrects this topic. However, I actually still play SL. Been logging in for around 15 years now. I code, mesh, animate, develop various products. I still find it as interesting as when I joined back in 2006.

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