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  1. watched " The Raid - Redemption " last night, honestly one of the best action/kung-fu movies i've ever seen...90mins of pure non-stop action. if you're into that kind of movie you really have to give it a look...
  2. I'm tempted by SWTOR but to be honest Guildwars 2 is looking more appealing if i was to get back into an MMORPG ( or Planetside2 )!
  3. Oh yeah Diablo3 is looking incredible, right up my street as well ( i'm a bit of a loot whore )
  4. wibble you cunt! :) lol

  5. actually that's a great idea shill, nice one! Yeah, I sent out a whisper and got an invite...just taking my time at the moment getting used to being back in the game and the dynamics of a warrior class. After playing a rogue, being able to tackle groups of mobs is a revelation!
  6. well i'm back in the fold...decided on rolling a nelf warrior ( Cushag ), although i hit lvl 10 last nite. I may work him up to 20 and decide on something different ( healer class maybe )? edited to add: I cannot for the life of me get carbonite to work. I've downloaded the most up-to-date patch. Unzipped it and put it in my addon folder, but it doesn't register when I log in? I'm on a mac, I don't know if this has any bearing on what I should be doing? To be fair though, it's nice to sit down and read through the quests and then have to search...
  7. OK i'm coming in, may be online tonite so i'll send a whisper out. This will be my first time pvp so that in itself is quiet exciting! don't know yet what to roll, really enjoyed my time as a rogue. but may go a healer class for a completely different experience!
  8. watched Kenny over the weekend, absolutely brilliant... Mockumentary about a guy who works with portable toilets in Australia. Funny and touching in equal measures... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0822389/
  9. Ninja Assasin... Absolutely brilliant stuff, if you like old school kung fu movies then this is right up your street. Fantastic choreography mixed with some stunning CGI, really does make this a visual treat. I'd personally score this 8/10 when it comes to a kung fu movie ( the dismemberment adds at least a point in my view ) nb. forget the story, it's your typical HK/Chinese/Japanese tale of revenge. Really it doesn't matter in the least, so just sit back and enjoy! n.b.b. for those who want to understand where my ratings come from should just watch the following: Police Story - Jackie Chan - 7.5/10 Armour of God - Jackie Chan - 8.5/10 Oong Baak - Tony Jaa - 9.75/10 Kung Fu Hustle - 10.5 / 10 All in all give Ninja Assasin a watch if you like a bit of chop-socki action, you won't be disapointed. just wanted to add... dude cubed
  10. I saw this and thought of you guys...and it also kind of made me a little misty eyed for WoW...
  11. K.os Theory

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    GT - CALLMEKYMBO psn - callmekymbo unfortunately i've blown another PS3 ( 3rd one now ), so I won't be online on that for a while
  12. It's a great idea Shill, but I think interest will pick up again when the new expansion comes out...I know I'll be drawn back in again!
  13. I'm currently on sabbatical from Azeroth, altough i'm pretty confident i'll be making a return later on in the year when the new expansion roles out.
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