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  1. Fairly accurate description of everything the leave campaign said.
  2. Considering she wasn't on the scene until after it was complete I'd say that's quite likely.
  3. Another good point! People with vested interests will be upset so that'll make it even harder, just think how sad the NRA would be too and how will Trump cope with out the $20 million+ he's had in kick backs from them. Probably best to just give all school teachers a gun and hope they don't accidentally shot little Timmy in the head while trying to to stop an active shooter. Maybe they could use the process enshrined in the Constitution to make amendments to the Constitution like they did 27 times before, they've even used that process to add an amendment (21st) that repeals a previous amendment (18th).
  4. This is a good point it's hard to do and wont stop 100% of gun crime so it's probably not worth doing anything at all. While we're at it almost all crimes still happen to some degree so we should probably just get rid of all laws because they don't stop 100% of crime, then at least we can save money not having a legal system.
  5. Not sure if that number is still correct but there are 2 Hermes delivery people in Peel, the number I have from last week is 480 760, not sure what her name is though.
  6. Agreed terrible film, the books quite good though.
  7. Fairy Nuff not that then, just trying to see if there is a pattern to the restrictions, but seems there's nothing obvious.
  8. For my family: Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Manx Telecom Contract: Working Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Manx Telecom PAYG: Not working Google N7 Nexus Wifi: Not working Logged out play.google.com website: Not working Are these all on different accounts? If so what are the "Last sign-in countries" for them and is there any correlation between accounts that don't work and accounts that do? On my device Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sure Contract: Not Working : Last sign-in countries : Isle of Man, Guernsey Never been to Guernsey, I assume its to do with Sure, however it hasn't picked up the fact I was signed in while in Liverpool on a UK SIM over and over Wi-Fi.
  9. I'd have said get an iphone/ipad myself but since ios6 the app store has been pretty much unusable. Ermmmmm. Get a Nokia 3210 and a Sega Game Gear instead. I'd be interested to know in what way it is unusable? I'm stuck on iOS 5 on a first gen iPad so cant test, but was planning on getting an iPhone 5 as a result of Google pissing around and this could sway me to WP8. I've not heard anyone else have issues with the store either. As for a VPN, I could with ease but why the hell should I? I want my tech to work, not to have to dick around bypassing arbitrary restrictions. The Amazon appstore might not be restricted but the app selection last time I used it was dire in comparison to the proper one, and the store its self was barely functional.
  10. I've given up WoW for the time being. Too many books to read. But when I get back in I will roll on to Frostwhisper. This time I will roll a tank and stick with it.
  11. 0 No accidents of any kind. Its less about abandoning workers rights and more about having workers who actually work and decent logistics and planning, it may have gone up in 6 days on site but there will have been weeks if not months of planning to make sure it went smoothly.
  12. Not yet, I was wanting to get a few levels under my belt before joining, seemed silly asking if I was going to bin the toon off after a few lvls. Will probably be on tonight so will see if there is anyone around.
  13. kk I went with a Human pally, with mining and blacksmithing. Although I'm not sure if I will stick with it, as I think I prefer hunters, might see how it goes until Cata as hunters will get their pets at lvl1 rather than 10.
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