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Black Ops 2


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Treyarch games tend to look bad and sound worse from a COD point of view , which is a shame, I’ve always been a massive cod fan


coduo,cod2 and cod4 were all excellent and I would happily still play these games


the first Treyarch game world at war was terrible , MW2 was the beginning of the end for the cod pc players imo, I skipped black ops as mw2+Treyarch = a poor game without any question, MW3 is bad ,although I am playing it purely out of cod addiction it could have been so much better as it does run very smoothly the ability to lean might have even saved it in the competitive leagues


the big question for me is "WILL BOPS2 HAVE LEAN??"


I’ve pre-ordered MOH warfighter and I’m yet to order BOPS2 , but the PC really needs a new FPS game that's good

i didn't get on the BF3 Boat as i've never really liked the BF series games ,but it looks like i will have too

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well after a few weeks in i'm loving it


it does have lean is looks good and runs smoothly


fingers crossed for dedi servers and mod tools in a patch and the game will take off on the pc


i take it back treyarch

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I've had absolutely no issues and the game has played fantastically since installing a open source firmware on my router, if there is one available for your router (DD-WRT, Tomato, DGTeam etc) I'd definitely recommend trying it out.

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