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Borderlands 2


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Out this Friday, can't wait. Pre-Ordered via Steam.


1st Borderlands was a triumph, expecting more of the same with nice colours this time.


Time to try out those bazillion guns :)

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Any feedback on this game?


It's reviewed very well and according to the Eurogamer face-off, Gearbox have really pulled out all the stops for the PC version, particularly with some stunning PhysX effects.


The only problem I have paying top whack on Steam for a game is they're inevitably 50% (or more!) off three months later!



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I never played Borderlands 1 so I don't particularly have any expectation in that regard.


The gameplay videos I've watched make it look like it has a nice dark, brutal sense of humour, which does appeal.


Yeah, it's funny.


Gameplay wise it's basically a Diablo FPS. They have added some nifty stuff, I like the CoD style challenges which translate to char stat improvements.

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