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  1. If you're on FB give Ben Hardy a try, he's normally got quite a few cars in for breaking
  2. We went for a picnic there last year but left when the rich chavvy turd from Ballaglass turned up in his chaved up Landrover and started to churn the area up much to the delight of the accompanying motorhome driver. Just hope it puts these brain-dead morons off.
  3. I know it's a touch on the expensive side but you could also take a look at Starlink too.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time this has magically happened to Dandara.
  5. Possibly the Adventure Centre in Maughold if the recovery truck was heading North.
  6. I'd quite like either a Prusa or a Voron, but I barely use the one I currently have in order to justify it...
  7. I've got it too as fibre wont be in my area until mid-2023. It's been an absolute game changer for us and worth every penny. Before Starlink we were reliant on Sure 4G which, although faster than ADSL, ended up being heavily limited due to the restrictions they introduced.
  8. And the clothes allowance.
  9. "A full point by point rebuttal shall be issued".
  10. Thanks John, I don't know anything of the case either hence my first question about the quantity of anaesthetists and the consequential charges. Either way, I hope this can be sorted out sensibly in a timely manner. Reading the replies above it looks like the Hospital could be a big dilemma otherwise.
  11. Right, so hear me out: if it's the case that extra anaesthetists we're required to try and help after the operation went massively sideways, yet they're all being investigated/prosecuted for manslaughter, then would that set a legal precedence against anyone trying to administer corrective action/first aid to someone that ultimately passes away? Could this possibly snowball to, say, anyone in the workplace that unsuccessfully administers first aid like the police, St Johns ambulance or even your average Joe than has to use those defibrillators in the street? @John Wright?
  12. @wrighty just pondering something here, do routine operations require four anaesthetists to be present?
  13. Greatest of all time. I'm not a Lewis fan but his records speak for themselves. It'd be nice to see Williams battling up at the front too.
  14. I think I'm correct in saying the stewards have access to all the teams radio throught the race, we obviously only get to hear the tasty bits. I'd agree with Masi's thinking, the teams have been asking for 'racing to the flag' all season so that's what he gave them. Either way Lewis still walks away the GOAT just by the records he's broken over the last couple of seasons. I'm pretty sure he'll take his 8th championship before retirement. That's all in the past now anyway, roll on the McLaren domination next season!
  15. I wouldn't say its censorship, the stewards hear everything anyway, but to argue, demand and then shout at the race director doesn't help him to make a sound decision either. Its decisions like that which need total clarity and a focused mind to avoid the type of fall out which we are currently witnessing, with that you should see more consistency too. Either way, the only fault that I can see that Masi made at the end was not letting all the lapped cars through. Mercedes, not for the first time this year, played it too safe during the VSC despite knowing they had the far superior car on the day.
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