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Picked up Arma3 the other day off Steam ( £20 ), just wondering if anyone is playing.


I'm usually not a big fan of Arma, but a lot of DayZ play has whetted my appetite for a more slower paced shooter.


a lot of hackers online at the moment, but as the game is only at Alpha i'm fairly sure this will be fixed in good time.


The mod support for this game is already pretty impressive, with wasteland having lots of servers, even some zombie servers...



Looks pretty nice as well, even on my single GTX580!

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I played for a few hours last night, didn't have any seagul related incidents...I'm really falling for the game though. Such a massive step up from Arma2, graphically, animation wise, gun-play everything is just fantastic.


HeliX if you want to add me on Steam my id is kymholland

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Mike it's currently only £20 on Steam, it's only at alpha stage at the moment but you get the full game on release and 3 arma3 lite codes to give to your friends ( the lite version only has the single player missions and the editor and i think you can only play for a week or so ).


apparently the codes are released today ( i'm yet to check my Steam inventory )...


I'll check with my mates to see if anyone wants one, but if not i'll be willing to drop them here for people to use.


The game itself is gorgeous, it's taken a bit of tinkering but i'm getting a solid frame rate ( between 40-60 FPS dependant on the situation ) with most things set at high ( I'm running an i5 2500 overclocked to 4.3gig and a single GTX 580 ).


Absolutely loving it so far, haven't played anything since it came out!

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It's completely open world, much more tactical, a much slower pace and a pretty steep learning curve. Be prepared to die...a lot...and usually without even seeing who it was who shot you.


There are Vehicles, scuba diving, helicopters and don't forget this is only the alpha, so there's so much more content to come. Add onto this the amazing modding community and you've got one of the ( imho ) defining shooters of a generation.


Here I found this to be pretty handy...



Honestly I'm having so much fun on this game it's unreal...myself and 2 other guys last night set up and executed a roadside ambush against a convoy of 2 pickups and a Humvee! Didn't think it was going to pan out, but when it did there was joyous celebration as we picked over they're bodies and took the loot!


£20...well worth a punt


( edited to add the right youtube link )

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