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I have just made the transition from GT5 and Forza 4 to Pc sim racing and the difference is unreal.


I got Game stock car 2013 which was 16 quid

and Assetto Corsa which was 29.99.

Both are pre release but both are a billion times better than GT5 and Forza (which I used to think were amazing).


The physics are so good and realistic I cant understand how GT5 and Forza are so off the mark compared, now I am able to look back.


With a G27 wheel I am absolutely addicted to a point where I have cancelled my GT6 preorder.

I only have a lowly nvidia 560ti gfx card as well and both run fine even on high settings.


GSC also has tons of mods out for it as the engine is based on rfactor, so there's loads of courses and cars like the Porsche super cup cars and V8 touring cars.


If you like racing games i would recommend ditching console racers and get these two games, you wont regret it!


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I've been prevaricating for a couple of years about buying a console for sims - looking at the Asseto Corsa demo makes me think the ol' PC might be OK after all. Website suggests my Phenom XII 945 and Radeon HD6450's should work, albeit not as well as modern top-drawer GFX cards.

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Try Game stock car. That runs on lower spec machines fine. its only 16 quid.

I was on the Nord and was blown away by losing it in a dip under compression.

I've done the Nord tons of times on gt and forza and never experienced that level of car physics.

With all assists off I haven't managed to complete a lap of Nord yet :)

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