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E3 - 2013


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It wasn'tas bad as the previous one. In fact, I thought it was quite good

The Good:

- Killer Instict looked great.
- A couple exclusives that look very promising, like Quantum Break and Crimson Dragon.
- The trailers MGSV (PS4 also) and Halo 5 trailers
- Some interesting little games like Spark
- No Kinect/ESPN mentioned
- Witcher 3
- Quantum Break looked interesting
- Forze

The Bad:

- Battlefield 4 part. Game looked good, issues with demo tech (much, much better than COD Ghosts - both also on PS4)
- Some trailers were ridiculously short, like Killer Instinct.
- 429 quid
- Lack of talk about the DRM and how this crap actually works.

- Ryse looked good visually, but the gameplay ...need more to make an opinion- here's hoping though
- Minecraft - (I still don't get it)
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EA Highlights:

  • Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warefare - Third Person shooter.
  • Peggle 2 - Leap!
  • Titanfall shown - Mech shooter, looks decent - Xbone, 360, PC
  • Battlefront teased
  • Need for Speed Rivals
  • Need for Speed movie
  • Dragon Age Inquisition - CG trailer, Morrigan returns (woohoo)
  • Sports stuff - standard
  • Battlefield 4 demo with 64 people on screen .
  • Mirrors edge 2
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*still adding stuff

- GT6
- New Batman Game (Exclusive content on PS3, game also to 360)
- Beyond
- PS4 Console looks really well designed
- The Order
- Committed to Indie developers & self publishing (Brilliant)

-Puppeteer and a few other games, didn't get the point of (rain was another?)
- Dragged a bit here & there

Cheaper PS3 SKU's, GTA5 Exclusive stuff
- Something about Sony Pictures on Sony - seemed to be like Netflix; but all Sony Studios Movies/Music etc
- PPV stuff
- They love showing Killzone, Driveclub, INfamous despite being there in Feb - though got to see a bit more.
- 3rd party stuff - on both consoles/PC, Watchdogs etc


-The Dark Sorcerer - Be part of a game? More to come

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I'm buying neither. I'll wait 6-12 months to see how MS react to the PS4 coming flying out of the blocks.


If I had to buy one at launch it would undoubtedly be the PS4 at the moment though.


Best approach - did the same with the Wii U and now waiting for it to get to £50 ;-)

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Personally I'd say PS3 (with a biggish Hard Drive) as they're still making games for it and will for another couple of years.

Get PS+ with that.


But - I just picked up an old 360 this week for £50 with everything I need (one of the old fat ugly noisy ones)
Just to catch up on exclusives I missed/indie games since selling my console over a year ago.

Have a look at exclusives (and costs) and see what you think.

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Bye bye xbox I am going back to Playstation.


Yep, pre ordered ps4. It's faster, it's cheaper, it doesn't have the DRM bullshit and it's got better indie game support.


It'll be interesting to see the impact on the drm stuff on retail support. I can see the highstreet getting behind the ps4 in favour of the 360 because of the trade in nonsense and lower price.

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