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Despite a PS4, PC games etc, a game of scrabble, poker with Spotify, coupled with a bottle of malbec with friends is far better. I'd be up for something.


head down to the rovers next weekend for a skeet and join the FB groups

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If anyone is interested in some boardgames the guys are having a bit of a get together down at the rovers on Sunday afternoon as per the facebook event earlier in the thread


I am not sure if I'll be down but they seem to have some good turn out

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The gaming at the Rovers was great! Thanks guys! :-)



Good news everyone!


The public gaming group is now definitely happening! Everyone is welcome... bring the family!


It's called KB Tabletop Gaming - meeting in the New Hall at Kirk Braddan, 6:30pm on Friday 11th September, and fortnightly from then.



All the information about this and future board gaming events can be found here:


KB Tabletop Gaming


Come along and help to make our first meeting a huge success!


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Might I recommend Exploding Kittens, a very quick to learn but very tactical card game that involves kittens....well....exploding.


social games are definitely a great ice breaker for people getting together for the first time to play games

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Exploding Kittens is a bit of fun with the right crowd. I've played it with 8 people and it went down well.


Also, if you haven't played Skull, (or Skull and Roses) yet... wow that is a great game. Like an intensely distilled version of poker.



Might be tempted to bring those with me to the first KB Tabletop if anyone wants to come and join in...

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