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VR gaming thread


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Does anyone have any experience with AR/VR gaming of any kind? I’m talking about anything from genuine virtual reality using actual PC games to slapping your smartphone inside those ridiculous goggles and playing mobile games.


I got a VR set as a birthday gift the other day and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I love gaming the old fashioned way, with a powerful rig, high quality headset and some COD/CS:GO/Forza Horizon. The problem is, the set was a birthday gift from my wife, and while I acted surprised and thrilled about it, I sort of have to use it sooner or later or she’ll start asking questions.


The worst part is that she meant well, but doesn’t have the slightest idea about video games, bless her soul. I love her to death and wouldn’t dream of offending her. However, I’ve not done it before, so I was curious if anyone could recommend any games to try it out on. I’ve already taken it out for a test drive on my favorite site (https://www.nodepositdaily.com/) but there’s no comparison between spinning slots and playing a full-blown FPS.


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, sooner rather than later! 

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Congratulations on the VR set! To ease into VR, start with accessible titles like "Beat Saber," a rhythm game merging music and lightsabers, or "Superhot VR" for a unique time-based shooter experience. "Job Simulator" offers a humorous introduction to VR interactions. For a captivating adventure, try "Moss," guiding a small mouse through a magical world. "VRChat" provides a social VR experience, connecting with people globally. Lastly, the immersive "Half-Life: Alyx" delivers a breathtaking journey in the Half-Life universe. These diverse options cater to different preferences, making your first VR experience enjoyable and memorable. And, for the latest insights on AR/VR gaming trends, check out gaming magazines in India. Explore at your own pace and have fun!

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Greetings on your VR present! Playing VR video games is a unique experience. In terms of first-person shooters, consider "Half-Life: Alyx" or "Boneworks." Fans of racing may like "Dirt Rally" or "Project CARS 2." "Beat Saber" is a well-liked rhythm game, and "Superhot VR" blends action and strategy if you'd rather something softer. Explore the virtual world of "VRChat" for a social experience. Virtual reality (VR) gaming can be an enjoyable and engaging addition to your gaming library, even though it might not completely replace traditional gaming. Always remember to be honest with your wife about your choices so that you both enjoy the gift. Exploring VR gaming is exciting! Additionally, consider enhancing your skills by exploring animation courses in Kolkata for immersive virtual experiences or diving into full-stack development courses in Kolkata to understand the technology behind the games you love. It's a fantastic way to blend gaming passion with skill development.

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I was in a similar boat when I received a VR headset as a gift. It's a whole new gaming experience, right? But hey, embracing new tech can be fun too!

Speaking of exploring new things, have you ever thought about exploring some best side hustles? It's like stepping into a new adventure alongside your gaming journey. I found that diversifying interests can really add a fresh perspective to life.

As for VR games, I'd recommend trying out "Beat Saber" for a fun and immersive experience. It's like a rhythm game meets lightsaber duel - super addictive!

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