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Hi, I will be visiting the IOM with a mate towards the end of June and we have a pretty packed schedule. However, what we don’t have is some recommendations for evening dinner and local beer.

We are staying in Douglas and don’t really want to drive in the evening so that we can have a drink. looking at reviews, China Town and The Majestic seem like good Chinese restaurants but what about Indian - Velikas or Orange Indya? Is Flavours any good? 

Is Barbary Coast or Jaks any good for happy hour drinks?

Also, some recommendations for fish and chips, and of course the best Queenies which I am looking forward to trying. 

The Laxey Beach Cafe and the Lodge at Glen Helen are on our list for lunchtimes.

All suggestions welcome. TIA. 

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Aura bar and bistro on the prom is without doubt the best Indian food in Douglas. I've been to them all, I did love Orange Indya but then we got "the most expensive take out ever" which had yesterdays (at best) bits warmed up and thrown in a tray, so bye now. The others are all much of a muchness pre-cooked meats in various gravies.

Fish and chips Peel (top chippy), Queenies, (if its still open) Little Fish cafe on the quay in Douglas.

Both of the cafes on Laxey Beach are expensive and over rated. Apparently Morgans have a pie shop in town now, this would be a great place to get some lunch. 

Barbary Coast and Jaks are not on my radar, sorry.

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On 6/2/2024 at 7:05 PM, Andrew Smith said:

but what about Indian - Velikas or Orange Indya? Is Flavours any good? 

Velikas have 2 sites - 1 in Douglas and 1 in Ramsey. Both are good. I agree that Aura is good too, but I like Orange personally. Its run by an ex-chef from Aura. Kurries & Steaks is also OK. Royal India in Peel is however my preference. Flavours do a great blue cheese & chilli naan and they have a Peel branch too, although its a little pricey.

Try the Grosvenor in Andreas for queenies. Good luck.

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