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  1. Just asking, no offence intended...just seemed odd that you weren't impressed by the place, but went back.
  2. Definitely. Happy to heap on the abuse via social media - but refusing a face-to-face meeting. If they had anything worth saying, they’d accept the offer of a meeting - if only to express their unhappiness in person.
  3. …which begs the question why you went there?
  4. I meant hand my MF credentials in, since I prefer facts to innuendo and speculation!!!!!
  5. Never having been a civil servant, I can’t comment on that.
  6. You noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Now you really ARE kidding!!!
  8. Speak for yourself! I’d rather have some facts behind me before entering any debate! Maybe I need to hand in my badge here!
  9. Let’s just leave unusual sexual practices out of this discussion, thanks!
  10. This is MF. public knowledge, supposition, a sneaky feeling are all the facts that we need? Unless you've a different way of approaching our 'debate'??? Apologies - I forgot for a moment. I always prefer actual facts. Crack on! 🙂
  11. OK - so what? You still get less pension if you retire early compared with working on - wasn’t that what generic had an issue with, “retiring early on a big pension”? Its not a big pension if you retire early, not for most.
  12. Not sure what point you’re trying to make there?
  13. I hope you can back that up with some facts, K - I’d be interested to see your numbers.
  14. The majority of the PS are not on big salaries and therefore aren’t entitled to big pensions. Also, you don’t get a big pension if you retire early - the earlier you retire the less you get, on a pro rata basis. Very few (mostly “top of the scale” types) are entitled to the so-called “golden parachute” - and even fewer get bunged the “golden handshake/NDA” to get rid of them but shut them up. However, these are the characters that get in the news - and apparently represent the PS on these boards, for many posters.
  15. I see where you’re going with this - just abolish retirement as a concept, make people work until they drop: back to the Victorian age kinda thing? That’ll do the trick…
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