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  1. Far from it. The naturally superior people on this forum seem to be the ones who pick on everyone else just for expressing an opinion. No wonder there seem to be so few posts made. I was hoping to find out more information about this event but there’s ten times the info out there on X and Facebook and just a load of rambling old codgers on here talking nonsense and distracting.
  2. I get out frequently. But my social circle isn’t full of rambling dysfunctional pensioners so usually when we start talking about a violent attack in Douglas generally it doesn’t end up being some weird rambling conversation about 50 year old games of hockey or football. The only thing missing above are references to jumpers for goalposts. Here is this mornings update on the terrible event this thread seems to have been set up for people to discuss. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/police-enquiries-ongoing-into-death-of-merseyside-woman/
  3. Here an update of the situation for those baffled by the frankly weird reminiscing about 40 year old sporting festivals https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/merseyside-woman-dies-after-serious-incident-outside-hotel/
  4. You seem to have some anger management issues. As I said I don’t need any Manx history lessons of anyone on this forum. Not least about the student festivals which I remember well. As I said what the IOM needs is less violent scousers, amongst others, causing havoc. It’s just importing trouble on top of the trouble that’s already here.
  5. I’m just passing on what was told to me. I thought that’s what these sort of forums were of.
  6. I’m Manx. I don’t need a lesson in Manx history. Thanks
  7. I’m not making assumptions at all. I believe they were two people over to watch the football. And not from anything I’ve read on this forum.
  8. Is it really? I’d have thought the last thing we need to attract over here is anymore violent or drunk scousers assaulting people. We have more than enough already.
  9. It’s been announced woman 57 killed by a man 53. Both sound like visiting scousers for the footy. Great that IOM sport attracts such pondlife when we have enough crime of our own.
  10. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I have a friend who is currently dealing with some very nasty twats in social care who seem to try to bully people out of making complaints.
  11. Unsurprising if true. What have locate.im actually got to sell now after the budget unless people are UHNW? An island that is more expensive to live in than the UK. Which has a huge cost to get on and off attached to it and a crap health service. And where we’ve now even put up taxes so if you earn less than £50K a year it’s actually worse than the UK and that’s without the cost of living differential. That budget would have seen me off too if I’d have had that job.
  12. History is the least of it at the moment. We’re letting people with little or no history of this place actively destroy it for their benefit not ours.
  13. So what happened to the Deputy Chief Ministers Father in Law?
  14. No they have data feeds and reporting which act as trigger events.
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