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Bioshock Infinite

K.os Theory

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Its the trouble with the medium as a whole, you either have a well paced well written story but it normally has to be linear, or you have a free roaming world with loads of choices and stuff to do and the story suffers as a result, either through poor pacing as you cant account for people going a dicking around for a few game days while their meant to be saving a loved one who is about to be killed, or because the story being told bares no relation to the game that is being played, stories of reluctant violence and redemption don't go well with mass murder.


I hope this Bioshock goes closer to the first game as the story of Bioshock 2 was pretty crappy and poorly told. Although a return to the story telling of System Shock would be even better.

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yep got about 6hours in the other day. feels more akin to the original Bioshock but with much more open levels...there are a few pretty big areas where using the sky-rails during combat is a must.

Amazing animations on Elizabeth.

Can't wait to get back into it, shame my internet is out and I can't access Steam in offline mode without first being online!!

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