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What is your gas bill


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Curious to know what a typical gas bill is for a flat. From memory they used to be as much as the electricity bill. I assume the gas will for a flat would be several hundred pounds, and servicing the boiler etc.

Presume electric cheaper and more convenient



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I think you would need to give a lot more information to get any sort of meaningful answer.

How many rooms in the flat.How many people. What does gas power  heating ? Water heating.?cooking?, are people out all day at work or at home.modern purpose built flat or old flat.

You might get a few reasonable answers then.

I live in a purpose built flat 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. Use gas for heating ,(7 radiators) and water heating .and cost is roughly £900 pa .....around £700 three  years ago.

Don't know this helps.


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Thanks. Looking to move to a flat or similar. My heating bills for gas 20 years ago were eyewatering, as much as you are paying now plus £150 annual service. Gas strikes me as being expensive, so I am pondering if I should look for an all electric system, which is also expensive.

I think modern and purpose built a relevant. Old houses are mostly uninsulated.

Your comments are useful, thanks again.

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Depends how old and efficient (or inefficient) the gas boiler is often.

Before I got my place I rented a flat, the boiler was very old and inefficient and despite regulations it turned out that the landlord hadn't had it serviced for 12 years. 

Despite double glazing, bills were ×3 and even x4 what some of my friends were paying in more modern circumstances.

Also I learned a lot. Don't have radiators on full e.g. 0-5 select 3 not 5. On 5 boiler is attempting to always heat house to 28 degrees C and on 3 to 21 degrees. In other words, radiators 'full on' will mean the boiler is always 'full on' never attaining its target - eating money.

In the last winter I was there, I invested in 2 cheap electric fan heaters and saved a fortune just firing up one of them in the room I was in, only using the gas heating if I was in all day at weekends.

If you are moving, ask Manx Gas what the previous bills were for the property and what direct debit you should likely set up monthly. They'd probably give you that info on a rental property before you commit...if you ask 'correctly'. And of course, ask the landlord (or owner if you are buying) and check the boiler age and servicing.

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I am using electric and more recently the oil based electric heaters which seem to hold temperature better.

Think I will avoid gas and find a modern, well insulated, electric place.  May not be cheaper, less to go wrong. Possibly asking for the impossible.


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I live in a pretty well insulated two bedroom flat. Everything is electric. My last bill (winter) for everything (heating, hot water, cooking, tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, etc) was £490. Summer £300. £490 was actually high due to being home a lot. Previous was 450. So, total around £1500 a year. No servicing, etc. heaters are a 1KW oil filled and a 600W oil filled. Also have a little fan heater which is occasionally used at weekends in conservatory. 

Just as an aside, we are a bit wasteful with things so could cut the price back if we had to. 

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