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Going back to PC from Console... help


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In years past, I was an avid PC gamer. I decried console gaming and was firmly in the PC camp. A mix of everything really; CS, Civilisation, Fallout, Bioshock, Age of Empires, WoW etc.


Then life took over. Work, family, kids, hobbies, dog. Had an Xbox 360 throughout (GTA5, COD), then a PS4. They're pickup and play. Then the kids caught up, and the consoles have been "acquired".


Long story short.


I now have a good gaming rig, a quiet room and I need games. I suspect Outlook 2016, Excel and Chrome do not warrant such a spec.


With that in mind.... What games will help me forget the PS4?


(So far, Prison Architect, ARMA3, ARK, City Skylines, Civilisation, Fallout 4).


Any other good PC suggestions? Now, or ones I may have missed these past two years.


Maybe I am just getting too old for this!! Like clinging on to an XR2 when I should really have a nice Volvo estate, heated seats and classic FM.

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I don't really play games anymore (a few games of fifa against the boy on his xbox now and again) but would love to spend a couple of days, possibly weeks, trying to get into Elite Dangerous. I spent A LOT of time playing Frontier on my Amiga and loved it. Sadly I have neither the time or the hardware to have a proper explore.

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Evochron Legacy will really disappoint you Shill. (Then again, Elite Dangerous disappointed me too, but it was prettier!)

Joey, you've got some good ones there, but it does depend when you're in too. There's also
X-COM 1 and 2
Kerbal Space Program,
Skyrim (and all it's amazing mods that console people won't have seen),
Telltales The Walking Dead,
Telltales Game of Thrones,
Crusader Kings 2 (Hundreds of hours in this, waaaaa)
Europa Universalis 4
Witcher 3 (You may have already had it on console)
Rome Total War 2

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The Witness (I've not played it yet, I'm waiting for the inevitable Steam Sale, but by all accounts it's AMAZING)

Saints Row Series (Possibly better than GTA and definitely more ludicrous)


I'd also give some serious though to a Steam Link btw. It's the best of both worlds, couch gaming with your Steam Library.


It's the Lunar Steam Sale on right now which you probably already realised. But if not, fill yer boots.

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Are all the peeps on this thread ADULTS or is it kids corner (games n things).


what difference does it make?


A civilised question,lout.



Yes I know my question was civilised.


And I appreciate you're a lout.


But still I am interested to know what difference it makes as to the age of the people involved?

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