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  1. It's not your personal "DONT LIKE" button.
  2. Seeing as you brought the fact that the post was reported by you into the public domain, these are exactly the kind of reports that we generally don't act on. We are not the taste police. What you find offensive, is largely irrelevant I'm afraid. Our job is to act on reports that may have potential legal consequences, and as much as you would like to think so, poor taste isn't in that class. Over half the reports we get are people complaining about other people saying things that they consider to be offensive. Our own personal view and moral compass doesn't come into it, and sometimes we might agree, but we're not going to do anything about it. It's just a waste of our time quite honestly.
  3. Surely there's a 10 day limit on results based insults?
  4. I dunno, they're probably doing those people a favour.
  5. ans

    Twitter Updates

    Woolley, I've looked at that topic on the front page with an ironic smile every time it's come back up after a restart. Uni is working on it too now, he's on holiday the poor lad, I'm sure there are 10000000000000000 better things to be doing than this.
  6. ans

    Twitter Updates

    Ok, looks like there's some progress that isn't going to involve a risky dump and rebuild.
  7. For those who don't know, we're trying to update via Twitter. https://twitter.com/manxforums Basically a database table containing all the MF posts ever has fallen into a corrupt state. Due to the size, normal recovery methods aren't having much effect so I'm now looking into dumping the data out and rebuilding it from an extract. Obviously that's quite drastic and it's proper shit-the-bed type stuff as one error and it's all gone. I don't know how current our backups are right now, Uni does that stuff, so I'm going with the assumption that I need to get this right first time. So, the blogs module uses a different table than posts so all being well this should appear and hopefully either direct people to the Twitter, or at least understand it's being worked on. It's a lovely day outside, go get some fresh air.
  8. Remind me again who pays IOMG administration costs?
  9. That's their extended warranty though, you're entitled to a normal warranty under the sale of goods act. If they told you there's no warranty at all, they lied to you. All that said, sounds like the Waltons deal is still better so good for them, I'm always happy to support local business provided they don't take the piss.
  10. Finally met Stu Peters this afternoon in his coffee shop. In a pink polo shirt. Hmmm.
  11. Not paying it at all would be a better message than deliberately incurring costs for the taxpayer. If even just 25% of the poo tax recipients refused to pay, it would make for an interesting decision they'd have to take.
  12. You mistyped "taxpayer" there.
  13. ans

    Manx Wow Guild Ideas

    You're one of those people who takes ages to make their moves because they're distracted by cat videos on YouTube, right?
  14. ans

    Manx Wow Guild Ideas

    I kinda like HS, played a couple of ranked games now and started to build some custom decks and I'm starting to get the strategies (never played a TGC before). It's a bit slow for me though as a PC game, I feel like I'm spending too much time waiting for things to happen. I know it's coming to tablets though so when it does I think it's going to be an enormous timesink for me. It's the kind of thing that's perfect for large screen mobile gaming.
  15. If a contractor delivered three months ahead to me I'd be questioning whether their initial quote was inflated. You hire a plumber who tell you a job will take seven days and charges you for seven days but completes in four, you're telling me you don't query it? Can we do business sometime?
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