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  1. Daaaaaar! That's what she wants you to think. Wouldn't volunteers be with a group, like St Johns Ambulance and wouldn't they have a proper badge? And what is an ENT (aside from an ear nose and throat consultant). You're not a detective and if you are... I'm Luther to your Marple old timer.
  2. Glenna Grant, it's really weird and I can't work out what's going on, is she really a medic? Is it propaganda? Or is it a publicity effort? Who knows? I couldn't remember her name last night.
  3. Manx Radio? Nice things nice things nice things...because I had to delete everything I'd written due to a Facebook campaign about being nice.
  4. I found a post on Twitter today, it was by a "Medic" whose tent had been trashed by the evil copper overlords (probably on instruction from Trump himself...) - she used her own name and a quick internet search showed me that she wasn't a doctor at all, no, she was an actor. Now this could be one of several things, maybe she changed career (but I doubt that because one of the items they had in their medi-camp was an ENT, is that a medical thing other than ear nose and throat consultant? I doubt you'd get much call for one of them on a riot) or perhaps it is propaganda, but from which side? I was too easy to discredit for it to be actual protestors (unless they are properly stupid) but 59,000 people have watched the clip and 8,000 have shared it. I'll be too busy working to join the protest but I am completely bemused by brutality, people are people, indigenous people & freed slaves have been down trodden for so long it's become acceptable for them to be treated in the most vile of ways almost to the point that some people think it's the down trodden peoples fault. Kneeling in public though...oooh ya sauce
  5. 2 things. Squarepusher - because I love it (mostly until it goes mental) Also The Stranglers because of great bass lines and gritty leads
  6. I don't see Pottylisa's posts Probably a bank transfer - but seriously, I thought that was a bit outrageous too but put it down to Andrew not wanting to give her money from his own pocket and/or to make Fergie look bad. The whole bankrupt Fergie thing was all very cringe at the time, sake love, yer a princess, sort it out. Guess she/he did... ouch.
  7. But he's not, no one forced those girls to do anything. I have not seen one picture where the eyes are saying "Get me out of here" - they're attention whores, pah.
  8. Those girls didn't have to say "Yes" and I too feel sorry for Andrew. Epstein was no more than a pimp and that's it! None of anyone's business. Bloody Channel 4 and that daft bint reporter. Meh.
  9. Someone I know has been listening to this, Spotify told me. I am pleased about that, this is ace.
  10. This is a beast of a playlist That Sunshine by Submotion Orchestra is an outstanding piece of music but I am Submotion Orchestra's number 1 fan also.
  11. thebees

    Suicide Squad

    I was about to say "Two people I know of have killed themselves recently" but it's not just two, there's been five or six and they're all idiots. My message to people who want to kill themselves is DO NOT KILL YOURSELF! it's a shitty thing to do.
  12. The man is a booze hero, whats wrong with waving your dick about? Who cares? As a matter of fact, I think more people should do it, if you've got it flaunt it an all that.
  13. I am failing to see how you would reach that idea, completely. As a matter of fact I am completely dumbfounded, the best music ever, friends, laughter and love - how is that anything like an advert for a dead cow in a carb compound? Twat x
  14. Not only do I like it but I have seen it live and it is, with out doubt, the best thing I have ever been to we bumped into Gaudi, the music was a wall of sound that went - ok.. put your hands face up infornt of you, fingers splayed and move them back and forth towards your face - just like that Bloody brilliant and not only that but when we went out for a smoke during the break someone I knew from the Isle of Man appeared it was surreal, imagine you've gone out of a club (in the middle of London) for a smoke and someone calls your name, surreal. Then on the way back to our friends house we were rushing for the tube and ran down the massive escalator at Angel, thrilling if not somewhat mad. Best night ever.
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