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  1. Oh dear , I know Tim….. been retired from Civil service for a few years and worked for a friend in private sector for a few years for Cavendish trust on the quay. How did he do ? I’m suprised he did this .
  2. Well,on a trip to UK for hospital appointment took the opportunity at the age of 69 to go to both for the first time. Mainly to see what all the hype was about and to see if I was missing something. Wetherspoons at the waterfront in Liverpool was fine tbh. The dish of the day , choice of curry , was nice and plus a pint for around £14 was good value. Nando’s left with feeling unimpressed and pretty expensive for what you got. Both places pretty empty but tbf Nando’s was early afternoon. I’d go back to ‘Spoons’ but not so eagerly to Nando’s .
  3. Bet there penning the reasons why it doesn’t already. This really has disaster written all over it. Maybe I’m just cynical but going on the previous projects it’s just a realistic assessment .
  4. Not if you’ve got to spend 11 million and counting on it . Nearer 20 by the time our inept lot have had there say. Was that just the building though ? Not the whole site ?
  5. It’s actually scary. Shortly we won’t know what’s created by real artists or A1 The world is f*****.
  6. What , and prove what everyone’s saying has been correct ? Never happen . And if they did heads would have to role so there’s another reason why it won’t .
  7. It’s supposed to have moved to an arms length operation but I’m with you and think it’s highly unlikely it’s ever been .
  8. Aahhhh good old Manx fresh meat lol
  9. Massive subsidy too needed to run it. Not sure how much but it always needs an injection to enable it to carry ! on. If there throwing meat away that I presume farmers have been paid for the carcasses then it’s a double whammy . Good old Government. Just looked it up and it’s now under the treasury with the last injection of funds 2 million . Moved from DEFA
  10. Latest collateral damage from our wonderful meat plant. This really has gone on far too long. Buy local they say .!! Andreas meats latest post. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😔 however, we will have to close our website down with immediate effect. I will be in contact with the customers, who have ordered for Tuesday deliveries, in due course. (Friday 12th April- are OK at the moment but are subject to change). We didn't have any pork or beef delivered to us from IOM Meats this afternoon. With this in mind, we will have a reduced range of our products for the coming week. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused. We really do appreciate your patience at this time.
  11. Think that’s it. Should know as had lots of dealings with him. It’s an age thing sadly . Thanks
  12. The Irish Civil Service filled the breach for a while when Dereck Mulhern was in tourism in Victoria Street. Think the guy ,from memory,was called Desi Caverner (spelling) who would bring a boat load over for an Irish weekend. Think initially was Whit weekend . That again started in 80’s and stopped while Summerland was closed . Then came back after it reopened when Government took it over.
  13. I think you’re wrong. The student festival of sport was 80’s onwards. Prior to that it was predomentally club teams. I actually played for one of the teams in late 60’s being very young I agree. All the football teams were mainly North West based and played in local leagues to a very good standard , can name lots of them , and the rugby teams similar but a bit more inclined to travel further. Crewe and Alsager did come over in those days but they were very much the exception. The Hockey comp was similar but far more diverse with mixed , woman’s and men’s teams. I don’t doubt there was a Uni team in the mix but few and far between. In the Easter Athletics festival which got big too again it was athletic clubs but also a great number of individual entries. A very few were Uni based in this too. I was at Summerland working when the Easter Althletics festival started to get big in the 80’s .The drunken end to the event on the Sunday in the Cave was quite something !! Reading your post again . Yes there was considerable sports comps on the Island prior to 85 , Year of Sport , but after that year Uni’s were encouraged through Geoff Corbett’s encouragement to actively take part as there respective Uni.
  14. duplicated …deleted
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