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Accident Hotspot Signs

La Colombe

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4 minutes ago, thommo2010 said:

Last 2 years have been fatality free I believe 

Maybe the police strategy, combined with fewer unrestricted parts of the circuit is having a positive effect? I don't envy them their task. 

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Restrictions throughout the island have had an effect, such as the 50mph limit on the Douglas to Ramsey coast road too.

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7 hours ago, 2112 said:

 Also speed cameras would help bring in extra revenue. 

You think? I've been flashed on UK motorways with Manx plates by speed cameras and never heard anything about it. I don't think the vehicle info is shared. Bikers would have to be stopped and ticketed I think. Non local ones that is.

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Ooi, and in case you were wondering, KSIs on the signs means Killed or Seriously Injured(s) at that point. I was for a while. Wondering that is, not KSIed. Interesting really, for example 50 KSIs  in 5 years seems very high. 

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5 minutes ago, Mr. Sausages said:

What are you comparing this with? 

He said 50 in five years on the mountain seems high (well, he didn’t actually say that but I think that’s what he means)

I am showing that the island of Jersey has the figures above on their little 40mph roads, so it really doesn’t seem high at all to me for a main road with no speed limit which is a Mecca for motorsport tourists.

If people do think it seems high and they don’t want to take that risk then they can go the other way.

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