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  1. What was the reason for not pressing on with permanent ANPR network across the Island? Seems like an absolute no brainer.
  2. IPTV from say Spain stipulates you need to be in Spain to sign up and have a Spanish IP. VPN a Spanish provider, might be against T&C’s of the provider but not illegal.
  3. Struggling to understand how Joe Public would end up getting nicked for watching an illegal stream. I would have thought proof would be an issue to obtain. The pubs sub to EU/US legitimate IPTV services for the 15:00 or non UK televised games(all you need is a subscription from an address in Europe/US and a decent VPN) aswell as Sky & TNT for the normal games.
  4. Fixed wireless access and Star-link/BT Satellite would give a much better experience over a mobile solution where Fibre isn’t an option for the consumer. 4G can struggle with indoor penetration, 5G much more so. Only the prom is geared up for the type of lampposts layout needed for offering anything meaningful which could also improve the current 4G and future 5G networks. I think planning is the inhibitor around that part of douglas. Local authorities are not going to invest in a massive overhaul of their estate to support mobile data and due to changes in planning, it’s unlikely that we will see many new mobile cell sites up anytime soon. If 5G genuinely was the challenge to Fibre, Sure would have rolled theirs out to places like Lakeside and Birchhill along time ago in direct competition to MT’s Fibre programme where there’s no duct on the consumer side.
  5. Lots of government funded private 5G networks in the UK. Asset management, smart home monitoring for publicly owned property type systems rather than a replacement for consumer mobile data. There are also a lot of mixed solutions (Satellite backhaul to Fixed wireless access to 4G) rather than 5G due to performance over distance, 4G/LTE still has a long lifecycle. 2/3G will be binned at some point. So little data use on the island it’s difficult to understand what the need for 5G is. Those thinking it’s a rival for Fibre, so is 4G. If you can’t get great speeds on 4G you are never going to get great speeds over 5G. The difference is the ping, although there will be huge fluctuations in performance based on variables like subs on a particular cell, building materials etc for indoor use. There are a couple of 5G cells live but not flagged as 5G (LTE). There’s no noticeable difference on a mobile data device. Roaming in parts of the UK where you can actually get a signal isn’t much different on a mobile device than 4G or free WiFi.
  6. I couldn’t give a fudge where you live, you claim you have seen miles and miles of buried fibre so that would be a lot of properties to be among.
  7. So I can report it to the regulator and ask if they are aware of fibre buried.
  8. Where though? Not seen anything put in the ground without ducting or overhead.
  9. Not the type of cables that are being used on the Island. Where is the street you claim the Fibre is buried?
  10. Fibre cables have not got the structural integrity to be buried as the cable will crush under the weight and light would be lost. If the cables were buried without duct, the people in your area would not have a working Fibre solution.
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