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Blatently stolen from stav in another thread.


If this isn't on youtube, it really should be.


Bib, BIG lol @ this one Webcam heaven.

Yay! The Numa Numa Dance, one of the best Internets videos ever! :)


But what's that remix thing all about, with all that additional footage cut in? You wanna watch the original - I totally take my hat off to you, oh chubby guy who did this - you my friend have truly understood what the www is all about: Enjoy yourself, express yourself, be free, and make a total arse out of yourself in front of millions of people in the process, only to be turned into a huge internets celebrity - totally well done, and I hope you did well out of it!


Just for reference: Here's the original video from a group called O-Zone - I somehow think that Mr Chubby's version beats the original big time..


The Internets - Great Stuff....

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I know how the basic illusion works, but these guys have taken it to the next level - awesome! :o


Quick Change Artists


(Women take note: You can get changed in 2 seconds...)


Edit: Official website of them


Very good, especially liked the glitter one, and the one where you got a head and shoulders shot of the woman - very clever indeed.



Someone should really invite these guys over for TT :o


Bike Stunts in a cage/ball thingy


Oh yes indeed - now that I'd go to watch!

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LSD tests on British troops


One hour and ten minutes after taking the drug, with one man climbing a tree to feed the birds, the troop commander gave up, admitting that he could no longer control himself or his men. He himself then relapsed into laughter


Cant get into the site from here, but Ive seen this one before. Excellent stuff.


The other good one to search for in a similar vein is the journalist Christopher Mayhew, who took mescaline and had the experience filmed for a proposed documentary. Suprisingly enough it was deemed unsuitable for broadcast at the time (1955). Interesting watching.


Wish I could post a link, but I'm unfortunately shackled by Websense. Cheers.


Edited to add : This thread could run and run, so would it be worth pinning? Thanks mods.

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