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It seems that nearly everyone is on that site at some point, and they have something like 40 million downloads a day (how the feck..I mean..bandwidth..) - reason enough to start a "Best of YouTube" thread - what's the best shizzle you found on the web's (momentarily) favourite site?


Personally, to find loads of TopGear vids is ace - clickey


And try to search for "Dyno V8" - loads of big engines screaming on full load - yes please! (check that

- Holy Moly - That's how an engine is supposed to sound!)


Oh, and there's the Evel Knievel section - love it!


Music-wise, I'm probably a bit of the beaten track, but to find stuff like

(awesomely brutal sound), Apoptygma Berzerk (Vid1 Vid2
) or VNV Nation (
Vid3) totally made my day - they even have some stuff of Lacrimosa - I met Tilo Wolf a few times, nice fella, really: Alleine Zu Zweit (I wish you'd all understand German - the lyrics to this are so awesome and so true..) Copycat


So, what's the best stuff you found on there? Must be loads...

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There's enough on this site to keep our forum resident conspiracy theorists busy for years.

Hehe - just that you mention it - there's a counter version to

out now, called Screw Loose Change - that video is connected to two websites: 911myths.com, which is registered through domainsbyproxy, and lolloosechange.co.nr, which is registered in Nauru, which Wiki tells us is an island nation in the Micronesian South Pacific - unfortunately, there's no real whois service with them, so I can't find out who's behind them domains - which obviously can only mean one thing: It's the US Government trying to discredit the 9/11 conspiracy people :o


Yay! A new conspiracy theory, and all thought of by myself - proud :)

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Heh, heh!


Well, at least these lads aren't robbing cars and making a nuisance of themselves drinking that blue WKD in the streets the young 'uns all seem to swig these days. Although Captain Isle of Man's granny-road-crossing skills need to be improved.

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Found another favourite of mine - a band that is awesome on CD and even more awesome live - like this or this.


Nightwish ftw! Shame she left the band, though...


Nightwish are awesome, you should get their End of an Era DVD if you haven't got it already.

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