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Next Generation Xbox Reveal


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Will cloud computing really be utilized though.

Developers are only going to develop for hardware that they know is going to be available.

Unless it's going to be a MMO game. Then mostly they'll be ignoring these online servers imo.

Sony did make a bollock with the PS3/Cell; hence why in there launch video they went to such pains to explain why they'd developed there new hardware the way they had.
(What the developers wanted, ease of use, powerful etc.)

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E3 on 10th june will decide for me which way to jump after hearing peoples hands on views. I am a xbox 360 user at moment but the xbone is looking very meh whereas the ps4 has technology that interests me like Gaikai and (working) remote play on the vita.

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I see Sony have confirmed the ps4 will not have compulsory drm like the xbox one.

1-0 to the PS4 then although surely publishers will do it anyway as they think stopping second hand sales will get them more money.

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Seen this?

Lots of reference to Steam, which is fair, what they're proposing is very Steam-like, and everyone's happy with that. Specifically mentions the long tail, keep the used games out of the market, and you can long tail discount the older stuff and give some money back to the dev's, just like steam does. Deffo a pattern of Release...Steam sale....humble bundle sale....free in recent stuff, and that works far better to me than bringing a game back to the game shop and buying another scratched disk.
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For the record: I use Steam; but I'm definitely not a fan of a Steam like approach on consoles. It won't be the same; prices will be just as expensive as they are now and a multitude of other reasons.


Although this time developers won't be able to hold the excuse of 'we have to charge high prices because of piracy/2nd hand games market.


But more of an approach of; like it or lump it.


Why even bother going for such restrictive practices on an Xbox One; when the PS4 has none of the rubbish attached to it.


And at least with the online PS+ subscription. You get more from it than just unlocking the online content

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