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Next Generation Xbox Reveal


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So far of the people I know at work who play on 360s. This is the next gen breakdown.

xbone 1. PS4 6


What I am wondering is since the always online massively mulitplayer persistent universe type guff is going to be in fashion on next gen.

If not many people buy the xbone, what happens in those MMO type games if there is noone there? :-\

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Rumours abounding that Microsoft are about to do a big u turn and abandon the DRM and 24 hour connection.


Now if they can get rid of the mandatory Kinect too.......

Sony back to bricking consoles with brain dead updates, Microsoft console attractive again.... ahhhhh.... it's been a crazy week, but all seems normal again.
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Quote from neogaf.

"Just because you wiped the spit away, doesn't mean you didn't spit on my face"


Still it means an xbone is now a possibility in the future for me.

But on launch £80 cheaper, 30% more powerful and I have no trust in MS' path or direction means I am sticking with ps4.


On a different note what does this mean for Forza's drivatar if online check ins are not compulsory?

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