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Manx Wow Guild Ideas


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Good stuff, ok well a few more PM's have come in and the general concensus is drifting to Alliance.


I have played on Frostwhisper before levelling a DK. It seemed a pretty good realm at the time. I logged in at lunchtime and saw it was pretty busy.


So next up is the naming of the guild.


I have a few suggestions but feel free to add your own or vote on the one you think you would like.


1) The Snaefellas

2) Team Three Legs

3) Manx Marauders

4) Lords of Mann

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I have two lvl 80's, a Rogue and a DK. Mrs Stav has a lvl 80 Priest and we both have various other characters from lvl 75 down with at least two warriors at lvl 70 & 72 and a Pally at 75 and there's a Warlock at around 70 too I think. All on Runetotem but could move one or two if they were needed. I'm yet to be convinced to get back into it although I did re-start my account at the begining of the month and I'll see if I still want it by the end of the month. Preference is alliance although we've got Horde characters too if need be. I'd be inclined to go with something like the 'Manx Marauders' as it would be easy for other Manxies to spot if they were interested in joining a local guild. Just my thoughts.

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Hi Stav, good to see you fella. I think the concensus is to start new characters for the time being with a view to seeing how it goes without committing to the expense of migrating existing characters over. Plus then we can all level together via the various instances in the game. Thats not to say if it takes off you can move over higher lvl characters in the future.


I was thinking Runetotem before some folks here wanted a PVP server. I know there is still some manx peeps who play on Runetotem.

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If I could make a suggestion regarding guild name. On a PvP realm short is sweet. This might sound silly, but having a short character/guild name makes it much easier to hide behind terrain/buildings/trees. My main pvp charcter is called "Jak" in a guild called "Sanctum".


My suggestion for a guild name would simply be "Manx"...

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Well are we going to take the plunge then?


I'm ready to create my new character now, so I'm going to go ahead and create an Alliance dude on Frostwhisper right this very damned minute.


I honestly think Alliance get a better deal in WoW in terms of zones and instances and quests, and is a better match for new players too, which hopefully we'll get some of coming on board - so if the consensus is moving towards Alliance I'd say to go for that.


I agree with Larsen's point about the guild name, when I've been doing occasional PvP on a PvE server, having a short character name and guild name does make it easier to hide behind stuff :ph34r:

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Mitel the Mage now in the house!


It's always so hard to get a name that isn't shit.


I suppose we'll have to sort out what classes we're going to play as we'll need a decent spread for instances and particularly for raids at the endgame (assuming we get that far :D).


I've played a mage, hunter, paladin, druid and DK before (to 80 or close enough) - and am happy to tank, DPS or heal.


Wouldn't mind giving something different a try depending on how the spread of chars in the guild pans out.

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Oh I forgot we were having Manx names.


I'll create a new char with a Manx name, Mitel is crap anyway, I just wanted to get an L1 to the AH on Frostwhisper to see if it was worth taking bags full of goodies with me when I realm-switch my 80s :D

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Right, Barrule is now live.


Please create your characters on Frostwhisper (Alliance) and add me to your friends list.


Other characters so far are





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My main chars on Frostwhisper are:


Spagey - L4 dwarf hunter (and climbing :))


Kease - L80 dwarf hunter, have realm switched him over so he's (ICC25) PvE geared


Peppadeath - L80 death knight, as above


If there's a need in future there are other high level chars I can realm switch too, but at £15 a pop I'm not doing the lot now!


Kease and Peppadeath are 450 alchemists and jewlecrafters so if anyone needs any of the goodies they can make, let me know.


Once Barrule has the guild up and running I'll stick a wedge of gold in the bank for guild necessities.


I won't necessarily have Spagey as my main levelling char, it depends how the guild's char choices pan out on the whole, as we'll need a balance of classes for instances and later on raids.

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