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Manx Wow Guild Ideas


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just wanted to say hi on here, Arielly the ickle pally (lvl 18ish at the mo I think) has joined the Manx guild, and even though my main Arielli (lvl 80 holy/disc priest doing ICC etc) is pretty happy on Lightbringer I am kinda thinking I may be tempted to move her if this takes off properly, you can't beat doing dungeons and raids with your mates :)) ... I also have various other alts I am thinking of moving Wyllow is a lvl 58 hunter and I've got a lvl 40something warrior too ... I love healing the most though, so thinking I might roll a shammy and/or druid too, but not sure if I should wait for Cata for doing that... anyway, nuff ramble, hello lovely Manx WoW players, and hope to see you soon!

Ariel xxx

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We did some heroics last night as a guild with our 80's, went pretty smoothly. Hopefully in time we can get 10 players for some raiding action.

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A good 80s night tonight - started with a random heroic which gave us ToC, I think it's fair to say we were all a bit rusty to start with but soon got back into the swing of it and got through without a wipe. (Hambaps tanking after a long break from the game, with the other four of us coming back from a two month break.)


Stepped it up a gear and chose Forge of Souls (one of the new ICC 5-mans), again, got through without a wipe but a couple of sticky moments - stalwart tanking from Hambaps and awesome healing from Dhoon - lost the tank on the last boss but we were close enough to be able to finish him off without a wipe.


Went on to Pit of Saron, which gave us some even hairier moments, including losing the healer at one point and having to three-man the final tunnel run for a while before one of our party could run back in, which gave the healer time to battle-res the fifth member, which saw us onto the last boss for a high-DPS takedown.


Superb tanking and healing throughout (Hambaps was marginally geared for the ICC 5-mans, but coped admirably, and Dhoon's healing was almost biblical at times) - and I suppose us lowly DPS-ers did OK as well :D


Nice group run, all five of us on TS - bodes well for the guild progressing onto 10-mans and bringing our lower level chars up through the ranks as well.


I'll do these updates mainly at www.manxwow.com from now on - as that's the established guild website :)




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Definitely ready to start doing 10-mans, I've posted over at manxwow.com to see if we've already got enough players with 80s - http://www.manxwow.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14


Anyone who fancies getting into some 10-man content (anything from Naxx upwards depending on what the group's composition is), feel free to join us on Frostwhisper!




Do we think we could get enough folks with 80s together to start running 10-mans?


80s night went well last night, we smacked through the three new ICC 5-mans in succession (Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection), with just one wipe. (All heroic of course.)


We then used the random dungeon finder which gave us Culling of Strath, and which was, frankly, embarrassingly easy.


It was good fun, but we're definitely ready to step it up a gear.


I'm not even sure we have ten 80s in the guild, and/or whether or not we then have ten people who want to run 10-mans - which is why I've started this thread :)


You don't have to have uber-brilliant gear, we could start with stuff like 10-man Naxx if that's the best match to our overall gear level, and work up from there, obviously the ultimate aim would be to run 10-man ICC content.


Please express your interest here, along with an indication of what your 80 is geared to run, what class/role(s) you can perform, and which night would suit you, and let's see if we can get a Manx 10-man together :ph34r:


If you're not sure what your 80 is geared for, just pop your character name into WoW Heroes with the correct realm, and it'll tell you:



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We are still looking for more Manxies to join the guild. I understand at the moment with the weather being so nice the last thing you want to be doing is sat in front of a computer. The expansion will be out later this year and if anyone fancies rekindling their interest then give us a shout either on here or in game.


We are on Alliance - Frostwhisper just do a /who manx and send us a whisper in game.

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Yes, come join the best Manx guild in the world. We are ace, well, some people are ace, they know all the stuff and are very very helpful and if you fancy bringing an old 70 over from another realm, there are a few knocking about who would be most happy to level with people who do not say "Preeeeast FFS heal" just before they die (and I am a mage btw.....can't do too much wrong that way innit).

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Well we successfully completed the weekly with a couple of DPS PUGs, 8 Manxies online (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS), so just needed to PUG in two DPS. One wipe over confusion of tactics on the leviathan boss, but basically went OK.


After that, in a fit of bravado we decided to try and 8-man to the first boss in ICC - (designed for very well geared 10-man groups) - and did at least manage to get to the first boss (no mean feat itself when the 'trash' has half a million health and can take down an entire party in a few seconds if you get it wrong....), but after two wipes gave up killing the first boss as a noble attempt. Not a wasted effort though as you get Ashen Verdict rep for all kills in ICC 10/25 which leads towards nice gear regardless. And Marrowgar will go down sooner or later :D


More importantly though, a great guild night, eight guildies online, all of us on Teamspeak, good fun from start to finish and between us we clearly have the skills to progress, will PUG for now but have a a few folks in the 70s so we're not a million miles away from proper Manx 10-man raids, and there are other people levelling up from the 30s and 40s too.


All in all it's not the biggest guild in the world, but it's chilled out, good fun, making progress, and any similarly minded Manxies or IOM connected folks are welcome to join :)

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Got our randoms done, a bit of boostage for our 70-somethings, then a nice little tourist run tonight :)


Particularly liked the PORTENTS OF DOOM from the old-schoolers, before we just walked in and nuked everything :D


It's great to be able to make a start on ICC one night (the hardest content currently in the game), and then just blast through some old stuff purely for the fun of it the next (we did Ahn'Qiraj last week, and Zul'Gurub this week).


The Manx guild on WoW - taking the grind out of MMOs :)

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