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Manx Wow Guild Ideas


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I get Diablo 3 for free as soon as it's released as I've signed up for the WoW annual pass, since D3 will undoubtedly cost £40+, not a bad deal really.


The offer is still open from Blizzard, you just commit to WoW for 12 months (you don't even have to pay upfront) and you get D3 for free at release.


As for SWTOR, gonna wait until I hear a decent chunk of feedback from it before having a try. My guild has already gone 'dual-game' so I'll hear from them what it's like.

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Mr Twonky, what stats should I be going for with a frost dual wielding? I was going for stam & strength but I haven't got a clue & every forum says something else, you seem to be quite good at your dk smile.png Bubs is wicked innit?


All plate DPS/tank gear will have STR + STAM on it anyway. (Pally plate healing gear will have INT + SPIRIT on it.)


So you just want gear with STR + STAM on it and then prioritise DPS favourable secondary stats, i.e. HIT, HASTE, CRIT, MASTERY. Strength is the primary stat for a DPS DK.


If you go down the tanking route you'd be after DODGE, PARRY, HIT, EXPERTISE, MASTERY


You'll also want to gem and enchant appropriately for the role too.


For a tank DK just look up me on wow-heroes (Portishead), or for DK DPS look at Macdeath.

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Two points here:


1) Skyrim is not technically groundbreaking, it's an iteration of the ancient Oblivion engine and it's visibly creaking at the seams.


2) It's most of what WoW does, except in a totally empty and pointless world.


It's an MMORPG, without the MMO bit.


Now I've nothing against RPG games in and of themselves, but Bethesda have built an MMO world and not done the MMO bit. Hence shit.

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If you're 12 years old... :-)


I agree though that Skyrim does indeed need patching (as does every single Bethesda game), but when a game requires patches, yet still manages to exceed any other game in the history of the genre by an extremely large margin, it makes you realise just how special it is

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I dont see wow as a 12 yr olds game. sure you can hang around SW and see alot of that, but end game raiding is far from childs play.


What are you talking about man?


Big groups of twelve year olds take down 25-man heroic raid content all the time.


Erm, possibly........


Not sure when you last played WoW Mr somehwatdamaged, but WoW works on many different levels for many different people, even the basic 5-man heroics were far from a trivial challenge when Cataclysm launched. At this stage of the expansion folks are overgearing and overpowering the earlier Catalcysm content, but there are still seriously hefty challenges present in the current raiding content.

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Last time i played was Cataclysm, did some of the 5 man stuff and a couple of the bigger 10 man raids, but i was utterly bored out of my mind. Same shit, same god awful game engine, new expansion


One of my best mates used to play in the top guild on Talnivarr (Crab People) and was one of the top warriors around (Souly). After 5 years of playing for 8-10 hours a day he finally jacked it in. He said raiding / WoW was the worst thing he ever did, and he pretty much just pissed away half of his 20s. Played a bit of Cataclysm and enjoyed the levelling (i did it with him) but we both quickly realised the big "Cataclysm event" didn't make the game any more enjoyable. We were both really excited about being able to fly in the old zones, but even that was a massive anticlimax.


From what i've seen, the majority of the top guilds tend to be late teens / early twenties, still living at home with their parents, and most of them don't even have jobs. Yet, you couldn't meet a more elitist bunch of pricks who really do think that they are "better" than you just because they have superior items on their in game characters and spend X amount of hours "perfecting" tactics to kill raid bosses.


Funnily enough one of the things i did enjoy was using the auction house. I think i've still got over 80,000 gold on my main

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The polar opposite of what I have experienced. all our guild are late 20's through to mid 30's and we are a social guild who are good at raiding so we do it 3 times a week. this is just about the same make up for most of the guilds on our server. There will always be pubesent kids in MMO's and it stands to reason that wow will have more than its fair share of them because it has such a large player base. At the end of the day, you know what the kids do (fuck about in the cities spamming shit or the LFG 5 man old stuff) and if you chose to dwell in those circles thats great. but the majority of people who have been playing wow for a while know there is a vast amount of MMO content to keep you busy and have a laugh with your mates doing.


One of my mates go the 10 day trial and didnt know what the hell was going on and couldnt really get into wow. I can sympathise with that because it takes a while to establish yourself if the game and figure out if it is for you or not. I have been on since launch and only took a break while my baby was born for 12/18 months and with each major content patch it has got better and better. I suspect the only thing thats going to drag me away from wow fully is Titan, everything else imo is just plain boring.

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