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Best Place For Sunday Lunch


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How do you mean?


We went to The Marine last Sunday, twas lovely as usual. Just wondering where your fave places are? Looking to try some different places in the coming weeks...


As I said - not the place your likely to try advertising.


Have you read an article on viral marketing and clumsily decided to give it a go?

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We have been venturing out for Sunday lunch of late. Those we have tried: -


Liverpool Arms, can't fault the food or menu but the hormonal Maitre d' means we won't be going back.


Crosby, again a good menu and the food would have been excellent had it not been a little obvious that the roasts were hold overs from the lunch time service. I had half a roast chicken and it really was half a roast chicken (not like the Ballapaddag 1/4 chicken salad that Shopshite sell), nice selection of veg and roast and boiled new potatoes, but they were clearly not freshly cooked. The non-roast meals were delicious, so just a bit of care in the roasts section needed. We will go back.


Creg, not tried for Sunday lunch but the non-Sunday menu is fantastic, the quality very good and the service excellent.

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I find invariably that when I go out the food tends to be overdone.


Much better to learn to cook yourself and have al dente veg, perfect crispy roasties and meat just how you like it.


I can't wait to get my kitchen in, got a massive cut of pork that jut waiting to be slow roasted and honey glazed :)

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I agree X, but when cooking the sunday roast every week becomes an automatic thing (and for me it is, as it is a family tradition, if you like), you lose all sense of creativity and it becomes very mechanical. I do really enjoy cooking, so long as it is interesting in the creation and tasty in the eating. Hence, I have decided we should break out on a Sunday.


This Sunday, however, it is paella for Sunday lunch! Something I used to make in the past, almost blindfold, very expertly, but in recent years I have just made a mess of it every time. So on Sunday I am going to either confirm my paella skills have returned or that I should give up chasing that particular culinary rainbow.

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I guess I know how you feel, I'm just pining to cook (and eat) as I've not had an cooker for 3 months now. Kitchen fitter reckons 2 weeks but I half wish I'd never started.


Being a single fella, the roast becomes a bit of a waste, you're always best off with a nice big cut. I'll be having guests round a lot soon because I miss my roast dinners.


Perhaps I should start selling it, my pork is to die for ;)

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Pub lunches, anyone see the programme last night, 'Rogue Restaurants', what a mess those kitchens were. I've actually eaten at the Black Lion, I feel sick.


Best place for food on the island has to be the Port Erin chippy.


I try to do a meal every Sunday, just for me and the boys so they get a decent meal at least once a week. Thing is I always end up with the pots.

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