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Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To


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It's been a very successful thread on my forums, I've found lots of bands I've never heard before, Mother Love Bone for starters. How come I missed out on them?


Here's what's been coming in my ears tonight


The Pretty Things






Kaskade's Deadmau5's remix




Bring on the new and old tunes please



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I'm liking:


The Dead Weather - Horehound - Jack whites new project, he's the drummer this time but he's with the guy from QOTSA and the singer from the kills. It's very rough but great fun.


The Airborne Toxic Event - Amazing lyrics played with passion, great stuff.


Imelda May - Love Tatoo - Might be late to this one, but saw her on Later and thought she was brilliant and the album didn't disappoint.


Oh and I'm really liking the Florance and the Machine album too, big voice on her! The latest Madness album is far better than it's got any rights to be. A reformed band of old men, should be stale old tat, but it's possibly the best stuff they've ever done, nuts!


Digging spotify for this kind of thing. I've a playlist called 'recommender' thats shared between some of me mates, and they bung a single track in of an album they're liking, great way to get listening to good new stuff.

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Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps (Debut album by Jon por Birgisson Sigur Ros & Alex Somer)

The Dead Weather - Horehound

Post War Years - The Greats and the Happenings

The Longcut - The Longcut EP

Leftfield - Leftism

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Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps (Debut album by Jon por Birgisson Sigur Ros & Alex Somer)


That is good isn't it. I got mine from Rough Trade and it came with a mix cd they'd done and it's all these crackly tracks from 78's like Audrey Hepburn doing Moon River, and Icelandic Choirs.

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Minibee is learning this at the mo, so I hear it quite a lot. Which is great because I think its a really really nice bit of music. What do you think?



Prefer your Scubaroots link. Like them, lots. Are they just a local band? We need a Ska revival me thinks.


Which leads me on to what I've mainly been listening to tonigh.




It's summer, for one night I pretended I had a little bit of rythym.





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This week I have mostly been listening to .

Stone Roses : The collection (or greatest hits or whatever the fuck it's called)

Anthrax : Sound of white noise

Janes Addiction : Nothing shocking

Wildhearts : Phuq

And BBC 6Music quite liked the stuff I heard by Duckworth Lewis Method (Neil Hannon from Divine Comedy and some beardy bloke)

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I heard some fantastic music in a foreign bar recently. I asked the waiter who it was, and he wrote down "The Walkabouts"


No idea what the album etc was, and I see they are a Seattle based group and have released loads of albums over the years.


Does anyone know their music, and which is the best one to start with?

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